Can I buy this with a Europen Plug

I don't want to have the whole travel adapter---just want to buy this power adapter in Australia for use in Europe. Don't need the Australian plug at all

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • The European wall charger is totally different. It is slim with a much more elegant shape and design which makes the Australian charger look like a brick. You will need to buy a separate charger for Europe (which i did) or just use a power adapter

  • there is no "European" plug, there are a few differing plug types depending on the country. However you can get this adapter with the corresponding plug for the country you want. For example the French plug is available on their french store page. store dot apple dot com/fr.

    The "more elegant" adapter the other gentlemen referenced is the 5W adapter for iPhone and iPod.