Can a Airport extreme be used as a bridge of a bridge to extend the wifi network further?

I have one Airport Extreme that expands the wifi for an other airport extreme but it does not seem to cover all the area i need. Would the installation of another Airport Extreme will help me to covert that area?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Yes, up to a point, if you're doing the bridging wirelessly. The main base, a relay, and a remote may be about it in one direction. If possible, set your network up in a "wheel with spokes" formation, not in a straight line. That way you can have more remote Extreme units serving clients directly, rather than wasting network resources on relay Extreme units just trying to cover distance.

    The problem is - there is a point at which more wireless relays diminish a wireless network to the point of being too weak to gain distance. This problem can often be avoided with the addition of a key piece of Ethernet cable between two Extremes.