Are these noise cancelling like the Bose quiet comfort headphones?

  • Asked by David K
  • 23-Feb-2010
Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

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    No - they are noise isolating - in other words they rely on the ear cups to keep out external noise and quite effective they are too - to my ears they blow away the bose and dr dre headphones for sound quality and comfort - check them out!

    • Answered by Chris C from Chesterfield
    • 24-Feb-2010
  • They provide passive noise isolation—i.e. unpowered—rather than active noise cancellation. Depending on your opinion this can be a good or a bad thing. From a personal perspective I dislike active noise cancellation; the microphone used to pick up the ambient noise is often of poor quality. As such the inverse sound used to cancel the ambient noise doesn't necessarily form a perfect superposition with said ambient noise, resulting in distortion and/or white or pink noise.

    • Answered by Stephen A
    • 23-Feb-2010
  • They are totally different in my perspective. Bose offers great noise cancelling when you are on a Plan...or noisy bus. But if you are listening the P5 at a library or coffee shop they will provide great noise isolation. If you want complete noise isolation, I would recommend Bose QC3...but for normal every usage I like the sound quality of the P5 much better than the QC3. I switched from QC3 to P5...the sound is much more natural and realistic.

    • Answered by Hyun-jae L from Austin
    • 13-Apr-2010
  • No, they are noise isolating. They do not have an active microphone that cancels out sound. Instead they cover your ears very well and little external noise seeps in.

    • Answered by Mahesh R from Reston
    • 28-Mar-2010