Are the Philips Headset considered "in-the-ear" earphones? The antenna for the iPod Nano FM radio is in the earphones that come with the Nano, but...

Hello- I will clarify my questions. I have to have in-the ear-phones when doing anything or the "saucer" type that come with the Nano just fall right out of my ears, no matter how well I insert them. Are the Philips with the earhook considered in-the-ear phones?

The antenna question: the set of ear phones that come with the Nano, the cord acts as the antenna for the FM tuner. If I change the earphones to another brand like the Philips or Westone, will I still get the antenna function from these other brands? I have heard the reception is not very good in a building like a gym already, so the loss of the antenna would be critical for me.

Also, if anybody knows of a good case for heave training, sweat protection, falling off protection, etc. I would really appreciate it. Every one I have looked at on here, amazon, etc. received really bad to poor reviews.

Philips ActionFit Earhook Sports Headset (SHQ3007)

Philips ActionFit Earhook Sports Headset (SHQ3007)

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, the Philips ActionFit Earhook Sports Headset are "in ear" head phones.
    The big bonus with 'in ear buds' besides the comfort, is that they require less volume to get the same sound level. This is because the buds act as sound insulators, providing a 20 - 30 percent reduction of outside noise. Be careful, if using these outside or near traffic particularly.
    I cannot speak for the antenna on the model. However, given that your primary need is for music while working out in a gym, unless you find something better, this setup is likely the best for your use.
    If listening to a favorite radio station or news radio is what you are really looking, you can improve the radio signal by doing your workout near a door or window. I know, that may not be practical if the elliptical machine is farthest from the door or a window.