Are the apple earpods good for working out and running?

  • Asked by Garrett G from Suffolk
  • 16-Sep-2012
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    For me no!!! They fall out and you have to adjust them all the time. I prefer over the ear. They will stay on when your running down the road. My experience is running half and full marathons.

    • Answered by Donavon K from Cape Coral
    • 16-Jan-2013
  • "The first person that responded must be an Apple employee because that isn't correct at all." That may be so, but I'm not an Apple employee and I had the same experience. I have NEVER been able to use earbuds because they immediately fall out of my ears, regardless of size. For the past 8 years that I've been running, I've had to use the rigid behind-the-neck, on ear style. When I purchased the new Nano in October that came with the earpods, I had no expectations that they would work, but I was actually shocked that they 1) fit, 2) stayed in, and 3) sound great. I tested them out for a few runs, and wore them for my first half marathon on October 27th. I've since used them exclusively for running.

    • Answered by Jacqui H
    • 21-Feb-2013
  • For running, definitely not. I wasn't even a quarter of a mile through and they came out immediately - I then went on for another quarter mile, both sides fell out 3 times a piece. I had to come back home and scrapped the idea of running with music and went on without. Working out should be ok, but honestly - they are absolutely horrible for running. The first person that responded must be an Apple employee because that isn't correct at all.

    • Answered by Rory F from Westfield
    • 24-Jan-2013
  • These ear-buds are incredibly comfortable but also incredibly slippy and will need constant re-adjustment and re-insertion.The simple solution is to get the little black foam covers that are easily available (apple always used to package 1 pair with their earphones) for pennies and will make a world of difference as far as fitting snugly and firmly whilst jogging.Whilst this may seem an inconvenience these are fantastic sounding earbuds with a flat and smooth response that will play subtle nuances and timbres lacking in much more expensive earphones.The best i've heard over many years and many models ..

    • Answered by Simon G
    • 02-Apr-2013
  • I would say yes, if you use them with Acoustibuds. I used to use acoustibuds adapters with my old earphones, but when they came out with the earpods I was bummed. Last year burtontech came out with new ones to fit the earpod. Now I can run without then falling out. An inexpensive solution for my falling out earpods.

    • Answered by Patricia P
    • 14-Apr-2014