Apple specs say the charger output is 10W per channel but the mfg website spec says 5.1A total. Which is it?

I want to be able to charge/use two iPad 2's simultaneously. Will this product provide enough output power?

  • Asked by Steven M from Phoenix
  • 28-Jul-2012
Griffin PowerJolt Dual for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Griffin PowerJolt Dual for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Product No Longer Available

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    I think your getting Watts and Amps confused. A 10 Watt power charger running at 5 Volts output will have a current of 2 Amps. IPads seem to need at least 5 Watts of power output ie 1 amp and the Supplied Chargers produce 10 Watts ie 2 amps, but my IPad 3 will charge(but more slowly) from my IPhone charger which is only 5 Watts. A lot of 3rd party chargers especially 12 Volt input car chargers do not produce enough current to give that 5-10 Watts ie they are below 1 amp current rating. Hence a lot of these show "not charging" or "charging not supported " for iPads. This also applies to a lot of computer USB Outputs which although they are 5 Volts output do not have enough current rating to produce the needed 5-10 Watts power output.
    I would be surprised if the Griffen was rated at 5 Amps output as this would mean it was a 25 Watt charger which would be a large power output for most cigarette lighter based chargers. Most of these dual output car chargers have one outlet with 2Amps/10Watts (iPad) and 1Amp/5Watts or less (iPhone). The problem is that I doubt BOTH outputs will be able to produce enough Watts to charge 2 IPads at once. But you will only get the real answer from Griffin themselves not Apple .

    • Answered by Clive B
    • 02-Aug-2012
  • The figure of 5.1 amps must be a misprint.
    The device takes a 12 volt supply down to 5 volts at 2.1 amps/channel.
    Therefore each channel can supply 5*2.1 watts, i.e. nominal 10W

    • Answered by Brian R
    • 13-Aug-2012