Do these headphones truly cancel out noise from external sources ?

I love to read, my husband loves to watch TV.....will these work for me in blocking out the TV so I can read? In other words, do they in fact block out external noise even when you are not listening to music

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    I tested these out in the apple store without realizing that they had the noise canceling technology. I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on because the background music that was playing in the store magically faded away. I didn't have any music playing in the headphones yet, and they were still able to block out the background noise of the busy apple store. I would say that these headphones have an impressive noise canceling technology that would suite your needs well.

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  • Just got a pair and I would say the noise canceling is comparable to Bose q15 which has very impressive nise canceling. I am happy with the noise canceling on these headphones!

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  • They are noose canceling but not all that much. Better than the noose canceling, over ear headphones from Samsung but not as good as the QuietComfort 15, 20, and 25 headphones from Bose. Those continue to lead the industry in noose canceling abilities. The Beats Studios are enough to cancel out general office noises but the QuietComfort series will do better in louder environments like airplanes.

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  • It's about 70% noise cancel but you just need to plays the music, it's will be 100% noise cancel and you just only heard your music !

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  • Yes, the New Beats Studio's dual-mode adaptive noise-cancelling will identify ambient noise and play them back at a negative decibel to create the noise-cancelling effect, although other people claim this noise-cancellation feature is not highly effective.

    Also, the ANC can be used with listening to music, in which the smart-circuits inside the headphones crank up the ANC automatically to block out more ambient noise, probably reducing plane engines to whispers.

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  • They don't completely block it out but do reduce it by about 60%

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  • They do, quite well. However, if you have big ears, you sort of have to make sure you "adjust" the ears and put them well inside the cushions, or else the sound comes in. Needless to say there are not very comfortable if you have bigger than average ears.

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  • Yes.

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