Best laptop for light gaming and portability

So recently I've been considering switching to a mac laptop, and would like to narrow down what I should get.
The current ones I'm choosing between are the 13 inch air, the 13 inch pro, and the 13 inch pro with retina display.
Now I'm more of a console gamer, but there are some things that I play on steam. But there aren't that many, the only things I really play on steam are strategy games like Civ 5, or X-COM: Enemy Unknown, as well as the telltale games like The wolf among us or the walking dead, and maybe a little Killing Floor but it rarely goes beyond that. It doesn't need to run them on max settings or anything, I just want them to run at decent FPS with little to no lag, I'm not that savvy so I was just wondering if the air would be enough, or if I should get the pro, or the pro with retina? So your help would be appreciated, thanks. :)

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