According To You iPhone 5S Is Better Or Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

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    I really think it's a matter of preference. As w/ galaxy 4/5 also. I'm partial to iPhone cause its soo user friendly for me,has smooth multi-tasking/multimedia & more business directed. although it's painful not having flash player availability as many business systems & sites still use flash,I have to use a laptop or pc for training or business software which is @ times very inconvenient. If you use phone mostly for music, YouTube, & streaming; galaxy my be for you-note a little more un-compact/uncomfortable as a phone unless using as speakerphone, however if you need a bigger screen for sight issues the much larger note my be easier on the eyes.
    ie. side note: no one listens to a thousand songs a day, if you're handy w/ flash drives or sd media you can get around a smaller hard drive iphone by saving to sd cards & flash drives and sync& save w/ i-t wunes(once familiar w/ i-tunes,it has get features for organizing.filling, cataloging &creating libraries w/ movie & music titles & artwork)

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  • Apple iPhone 5 S is way better in my opinion. If you have more than just an iPhone (iPad, Mac, iTouch) everything is fluid and seamless across all devices. Contacts, pictures, setting all sync without any issue or problems. Music, movies and apps also without having to do anything thanks to the cloud and Apples IOS.
    No complaints here. I have a Macbook Pro (latest type) iPad 2 and iPhone 5 S, everything is so simple to use and configure. Snap a photo on your iPhone and get home and the photos are on your iPad. Its like magic. I am a long time windows user and former blackberry user. It was an easy switch and one that I regret not doing sooner. There is no fine laptop than the Mac Book Pro with SS hard drive. Boot time is 11 seconds from the time you hit the power button on. Just loving Apple and every device I have.

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  • For me.i think IPhone 5S will better because myself also like IPhone.It is really more useful than Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when you really have an iphone.

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