How to use iPad on Projectors??


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    Yes. Apple makes a dongle that can be connected to the projector cable. It's not the best product but it works. It's a pretty loose connection so don't count on being able to walk around while you're plugged in. It can also be a little glitchy with some apps. Only the iPad 2 and up fully support it. The original iPad will only project pictures and video, not apps or the home screen.

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  • It is possible to connect to some projectors from an iPad or Mac via WiFi. For example, the Epson iProjection app allows an iPad or iPhone to communicate via WiFi with Epson PowerLite projectors. A similar application for Mac OS X is the Epson EasyMP Network Projection application.

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  • At the school I work at I have AppleTV connected to my projector. I am then able to connect any of the class iPads to the projector wirelessly.

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  • For a wired connection to an existing Projector;-
    VGA - Dock Connector to VGA Cable
    HDMI - Dock Connector Digital AV Adapter Plus HDMI cable

    For Wireless connection to an existing Projector;-
    VGA - Apple TV plus Kanex ATV Pro cable
    HDMI - Apple TV Plus HDMI cable

    The wireless solutions require an iPad 2 or later for video mirroring.
    Set up the Apple TV on your network and connect to the Projector.
    On the iPad double tap the home button, slide the revealed window at the bottom of the screen to the right, select the Video Mirror button, select Apple TV.

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  • There are a few different ways, but I would suggest that an Apple TV connected to your projector (that has HDMI) would up there as a great solution. I have used a dongle, but now I have presented wirelessly I would be reluctant to go back. In my situation it is a real plus being able to have other iPads connect via the Apple TV to share at the swipe of a finger.

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  • We plug an AppleTV into the projector and send the iPad screen to the AppleTV.

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  • Use this connector.
    the apple apple-vga-adapter.

    There is a usable link to on another post below

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