How do I rent movies on apple tv

Trying to whatch a movie o Apple TV it's asking for to go to iTunes and verify payment

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  • How much are the movies to rent

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  • Umm, why don't you just go ahead and verify your iTunes payment information like it's asking you to?

    Whenever you connect a new "iTunes-Store-capable" device (Mac, iPod, iPhone or AppleTV) to your network, you need to sign in to the iTunes Store (it's easiest through iTunes) and verify your payment information (typically your credit card billing address and the CVV2 code on the back of your card).

    This is a very sensible security procedure; it prevents scenarios like your next-door neighbour setting up his Apple TV on YOUR wireless network and billing lots of movie rentals and purchases to YOUR iTunes Store account without your knowledge.

    You only have to do this once, whenever you connect a new device that can rent or buy iTunes Store content. The only other time you have to go through the verification procedure is whenever your credit card expires; you'll need to enter the new expiration date and the new CVV2 number from the back of the card.

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