can i stream movies from my mac to apple tv?

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    Someone else already answered this and said to use Airplay... what? Why in the world would you do that just to stream movies from a mac to an Apple TV? Why have to go to the Mac and open the movie there, control it on the Mac when you wanna pause it or fast forward? Blah!

    Here's how I do it. Got movies on your Mac? Throw them in your iTunes library. Leave iTunes running have home sharing enabled. Now go to your Apple TV, turn on home sharing and login. Go back to the home screeen and go to the Computers icon. Bam! Done. I have a wireless mini in my garage with a 4tb Drobo (USB storage) hooked up to it. If I ever restart the mini, it logs in automatically, opens itunes and minimizes it. All my movies, music and Tv shows are in there. I never have to leave my couch to browse my movies. Once you set it up like I said above, you're done. Everything is always available to your TV this way. Rip another movie? Move it to your mini and add it to the library and it will show up on the Apple TV.

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  • Yes you can.

    Select the content and use the airplay icon to stream to apple tv

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  • You use Airplay to mirror your Mac screen to the Apple TV. If you're streaming purchased movies from iTunes, then don't use your Mac. If it's a DVD or something then use the Mac. I haven't tried streaming video to mine but I have mirrored my screen and it's a bit laggy. And I have a 50mbps Time Warner Connection running through my Apple Time Capsule. You can also get an external mouse and keyboard for your Mac to control it from the couch, as long as it is within range of the Mac. It doesn't have to be the Apple keyboard and mouse. It can be any USB mouse and keyboard.

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