AppleCare+ for iPod touch/iPod classic

AppleCare+ for iPod touch/iPod classic


Includes insurance premium tax at the applicable rate

Within 24 hours

Product Information

  • AppleCare+ for iPod touch / iPod classic is an insurance product that provides expert telephone technical support (1) and up to two years (2) of additional hardware coverage, including up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a £25 excess fee (3).

    AppleCare+ benefits are separate from a consumer’s right to a free-of-charge repair or replacement, by the seller, of goods that do not conform with the contract of sale. Under English law, consumers have up to six years from the date of delivery to exercise their rights; however, various factors may impact your eligibility to receive these remedies. For more details, click here.

    How to get AppleCare+

    Add it to your shopping basket during the checkout process when you purchase your new iPod. Buy it within 30 days of your iPod purchase. Your iPod purchase date is the date we ship and charge you for your order:

    • At an Apple Retail Store (requires inspection of your iPod and proof of purchase)
    • By calling (44) 0844 209 0611 (requires you to run a remote diagnostic and provide proof of purchase)

    One stop for expert technical support

    Because Apple designs the iPod and iTunes, the iPod is a truly integrated system. And only AppleCare+ provides one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.

    • Direct access to Apple experts
    • Local Apple hardware service when travelling around the world (4)
    • Use with a Mac or PC

    Additional Apple hardware coverage

    With AppleCare+, you get repair or replacement coverage for your iPod that includes up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a £25 excess fee, and coverage against battery depletion of 50 per cent or more from original specification. Coverage includes the following:

    • Your iPod
    • Battery (3)
    • Included USB cable and earphones

    Software support included

    With AppleCare+ for iPod, Apple experts can help troubleshoot issues with your iPod, iOS, iCloud and Apple-branded iPod apps (5):

    • Using iOS and iCloud with iPod touch
    • Synching with iTunes
    • Connecting iPod touch to wireless networks
    • Apple-branded iPod touch apps such as FaceTime, Camera and Mail

    Important Note

    For complete product details, please see the AppleCare+ Policy Summary, Terms and Conditions and Apple’s Terms of Business.

    For more information, read frequently asked questions.