Nike+ FuelBand SE - Small

Nike+ FuelBand SE - Small


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Product Information

  • Overview

    The new Nike+ FuelBand SE and the free FuelBand app on your iPhone or iPod touch help you increase your activity in a way that's smart, simple and fun.

    Track your active life with revolutionary NikeFuel

    NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities, from your morning workout to your big night out. This uniquely designed metric applies to whole-body movement no matter your age, weight or gender.

    The smart way to get more active

    FuelBand tracks how much, how often and how intensely you move. So go ahead and set a daily NikeFuel goal for how active you want to be. You'll receive move reminders for an extra push to get you moving every hour. And monitor the intensity of your workouts with NikeFuel Rate and Nike+ Sessions.

    Always connected

    See your progress on the FuelBand's LED display at the press of a button. And now with Bluetooth 4.0 you stay constantly connected to the FuelBand app on your iPhone or iPod touch as it syncs the data from your band with your Nike+ account and gives you feedback and motivation as you need it.

    More fun with friends and challenges

    Now there are more ways to connect with your friends so you can keep each other going. Create or join a group and go after a goal together. Nike+ trophies and new milestones keep you motivated with numerous ways to celebrate reaching your goals.

    Remember to download the Nike+ FuelBand app

    The FuelBand app on your iPhone or iPod touch lets you see your daily activity breakdown, set goals and view your progress by week, month or year. It also automatically sends all your information to your Nike+ profile online.

    Sized to fit

    To determine the right size for you, please consult the sizing chart in the product photos above. Each band comes with two easy-to-insert links to make it larger, so when in doubt, select a smaller size.

  • Highlights

    • Earns NikeFuel, a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities
    • Tracks the intensity of your workouts with Nike+ Sessions
    • Shows your real-time progress on the LED display
    • Keeps you and your friends motivated through Nike+ Groups
    • Comes in four colours
    • Stays constantly connected with Bluetooth 4.0
    • To select the right size for you, please consult the sizing chart (included in the product photos above)
  • Did you notice?

    Download the free Nike+ FuelBand app for more insights and motivation.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Let your iPhone or iPod touch help you be more active.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Nike+ FuelBand SE
    • Two easy-to-insert links (8 mm and 16 mm) for a fine-tuned fit
    • Sizing tool
    • USB charging cable
  • Tech Specs

    • Form Factor: Armband
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: WM0110-003-S
    • UPC or EAN No.: 885259291610


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    Manufacturer Note

    • To select the right size for you, please consult the sizing chart


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  • Poor battery life

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    I have tried several fitness trackers (fitbit ultra, fitbit one, jawbone Up) and when the Up started playing up thought I would gi I have tried several fitness trackers (fitbit ultra, fitbit one, jawbone Up) and when the Up started playing up thought I would give this a go, especially as it's a second version.

    Setup and connection to my iPhone5 was fine, although it's a bit disappointing you must use a computer to set it up.
    The band worked OK, session tracking is a little odd. I tracked an exercise bike session which of course didnt really track the correct intensity, so I edited it. That then seemed to be it. I couldnt then edit the intensity of a rowing workout done the next evening.

    Tracking sleep appears literally to be a record of when you press the start and stop button. Whilst being able to track more detailed sleep is a contentious subject, this seems like someone can tick a box rather than providing useful stats.

    All this could be lived with if the battery life was better. Mine last two days, and died during the night so lost my sleep session. It took over an hour to recharge in the morning.

    Reading the spec, it seems the small band has a smaller capacity battery so perhaps this is expected. I thought the Up was bad at about 4-5 days!

    Full marks to my local apple store for accepting the return with no hassles. i think i'll wait until the fitbit force is released, this is too much money to only run for a couple of days.

    • Written by from Towcester

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    Was this useful? Poor battery life

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