Cases, Armbands & Films

  1. The Tech21 Impact Mesh case is the ultimate impact-protection design, fully integrated with D3O for your iPod touch. The D3O material provides a barrier between your iPod and everyday accidents. If you should drop your iPod, the molecules within D3O lock together upon impact, absorbing the energy and dispersing it away from your iPod for an extra layer of durability.

    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  2. The Tech21 Patrol Case features an advanced dual-layered structure integrated with scientifically proven impact-absorbing materials such as D3O. The slim-fitting, user-friendly design provides access to all features of the device, making it the perfect protective solution for your iPod touch. A Tech21 Impact Shell lies at the heart of the case's structure, protecting the back and sides of the device in a slim-fitting design, while the removable PC outer case can be clipped on top of the Shell to provide an optional additional layer of protection.

    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours