does it fit with shell case on the mac air ?

Incase Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MBPro/MBAir

Incase Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MBPro/MBAir

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    Yes it does. If you take it off.

    Just kidding! :P The case shouldn't add too much thickness, so the laptop should slide in nicely. My friend has a case on his pro (the case is really thick) and it fits just fine in his sleeve. Also, if people can fit a 13" air in it, I think a case shouldn't stretch the sleeve too much. And that's another thing, stretchyness. These cases can stretch a certain amount because of how they are made to be soft. And if it is soft, when you stretch it it will simply get a little thinner and wider, 'allowing the stretch to happen.' Anyways, I'm sure you'll be able to fit your laptop in with a hardshell case on it.

    -Del :)