Can you use a stylus with it?

Does the Magic Trackpad except a stylus such as the after market ones available for the iPad? Could this replace a tablet?

  • Asked by Steedan C from Penetanguishene
  • Jul 28, 2010
Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

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    You would be better off with something like the wacom "bamboo craft pen and touch" if you really want to use it as a tablet. It both acts as a multitouch trackpad, but accepts pen input.

    • Answered by Matthew B from Grand Rapids
    • Jul 30, 2010
  • Apart from it's limited size and the broad stroke you would get with an unaltered tip you could use a Pogo stylus and it would work like a tablet pad. FWIW the Pogo comes in many colors.

    NOTE: You can trim the Pogo stylus tip with a knife or razor blade and create alternative stroke options other than the very broad one you'd get with the standard out of the box solution.

    • Answered by Joseph R from Kingston
    • Oct 25, 2010
  • You can use the Magic Trackpad as a stylus, the difference is that your finger is the stylus, not the pen.

    Go to Preferences> Than go the "One Finger" Menu> Finally select the "Dragging" option.

    The key difference is instead of single clicking you have to double click by tapping once, than tap while holding and drag and it works just like a stylus. You can draw, use vector tools which it is very accurate at (more so than the Magic Mouse) Painter 4 Essentials is great for touch ups with it too.

    Eg. Click a brush tool in Painter, tap once, than tap and hold while dragging your finger around the Magic Trackpad (just as on an iPad) and there you have stylus type drawing.

    So yes it is a stylus pad but your finger (not a pen device) is the stylus and the accuracy of the TrackPad is so precise!

    • Answered by Richard M from Brisbane
    • Jul 31, 2010