Will this product be compatible with the Macbook pro/ Macbook air?

I know this uses bluetooth technology and both the Macbook Pro and Air have bluetooth in it, however, these two products aren't listed under the compatibility section.

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  • 1. Turn on bluetooth and keep bluetooth preferences open
    2. Turn on JBL Flip
    3. Hold down the power button for approx. 3 seconds until you hear a second beep (slightly different tone to the power on tone)
    4. Go back to bluetooth preferences and you will see JBL Flip appear and click 'pair'
    5. Play some music, sit back and enjoy

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  • Best Answer:

    Click on bluetooth icon -top right corner
    Set Up bluetooth device
    Hold the on/off button until it makes a noise.
    When I did this I still didn't hear sound until I did this step:
    After it shows that it is paired with your computer and "connected", go back to the BT icon, scroll to JBL Flip and select "Use as an audio device"

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  • I got it to work -- FINALLY! This is what I did. Maybe all these steps aren't needed, but it may be worth it just to do it.

    JBL plugged into the wall outlet
    JBL plugged into MacBook Pro headset slot
    Push JBL power button until it flashes red/blue
    MacBook Pro will recognize it.

    I agree with others.... the JBL instructions are ridiculous!!!

    This is a great little speaker with good bass. I recommend it.

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  • Called Apple who called JBL. The great apple support person said yes.

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  • While the unit is on, then hold the on/off button down for 3 seconds.

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  • Yes it is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Retina.

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  • Yes, I have both the macbook air 11" and the Flip2 and they work just fine. You just have to pair both (follow the flip 2 user guide)

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  • Do the above steps,

    Pair It via Bluetooth

    Press play on Itunes

    Tune the itunes volume to 0%

    Play music through youtube or whatever player you want (Youtube, Accuradio, VLC player anything)

    Just make sure the play button is pressed on itunes.

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  • Yes.

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