• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Lost track pad response

    • Written by from Pyrmont

    when I first saw/felt this on a friends computer, I loved it. I liked the feeling under my palms when I touch type. The bare metal of the Mac somehow felt bad. With this guard, this was fixed. I also loved the tactile feel of the track pad guard. So I rushed to buy one.
    Now I've had them on for a week or so, I've found a great loss on the track pad. I like to point and click anywhere on the track pad and that has become almost impossible now. I now find I have to click in the bottom of the track pad and it renders the apple option of track pad clicking useless. There is no comparison to the tactile response without this track pad guard. As much as I love the product, for that reason alone being such a let down, I've scaled back my rating.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Markham

    I finished installing my palmguard and I'm not impressed. I love the look of it but it doesn't play well with my satin speck see thru. I managed to squeeze the palmguard on one side under the tab of the see thru. On the other side it keeps lifting and the tab keeps going under the palmguard.

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    Too much protection

    • Written by from Sungai Siput

    The palmguard palm rest protector is good to avoid any accidental scratch on your MBP but it will also decrease the sensibility of your touch pad. After sticking the protector on your touch pad, you will not able to perform 1. double click (touch) & 2. Zoom in. So think twice before you purchase.

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    do we really need it?

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I did purchase the palm guard and then sold it online. I didn't like the feeling of the material at all. The color is actually very close to the aluminum that uses on the macbook but you can still tell the different between them.

    So far i've been using my macbook without the palm guard and i'm very happy about it. Just yesterday, my dog was playing around and she scratched my touch pad and the aluminum palm rest very hard. Guess what, there's nothing happen to my macbook at all.

    I thin the palm guard is kind of over killing but if you think you hand will get dirty a lot when using your macbok, it is a good idea to purchase this thing.

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