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    Excellent mouse for Mac use

    • Written by from Toowoomba

    As an old-school and long-time Mac user, I'm afraid I don't like trackpads or "Magic Mouse" devices - call it old age, but I find that the mouse pointer keeps heading all over the screen whenever I accidentally brush the surface of the mouse with an errant finger or palm :-(. What I DO want is a mouse that allows positive up/down scrolling with a wheel, and also the ability to pan left and right using that same wheel ………. In short, this Logitech mouse really does the job, and it does it better than any other mouse I've owned. Accurate, good sensitivity, very reliable Bluetooth connection, and set-up was intuitive and trouble-free. I've been using it for a few months now, and am very happy with it. (In fact, my wife tried it out on her Mac today, and she wants one too, so I've just ordered a second one.) Sure, it's more expensive than an el cheap "Windows" mouse you can get in just about any store, but I've tried many a one of those, and they've all failed my usability test as a serious user. Definitely five stars.

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