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    Works for me

    • Written by from Malmesbury

    I have had great results from this drive, 110mb/s read 100 write on a MBPr 2013. Considering I was getting 35 mb/s on my internal 5400rpm drive on my old MBP this seems like a great step forward. Sure - a thunderbolt is faster still, but balance cost over performance for this year and it makes a great companion for any SSD macbook. I use this for all files, photos and music, keep my Macbook for apps only and a few files which I currently work on, and back up both this and my mac on 1 desktop G-drive (thundebolt to firewire 800). So if this does break I can restore it off time machine.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    • Written by from San Ramon

    Been using this thing for months now - no issues and runs flawlessly! Definitely recommend G-Tech to anyone!

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