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    May work, but not for me

    • Written by from Apex

    I guess I didn't do my homework. I wanted to both plug a Thunderbolt drive and a monitor into my MAC book Air. While there are two thunderbolt ports, one needs to go to the computer - so I am still left with a single thunderbolt output. UGH. Wasted my money. One more thunderbolt port, and it would have worked fine.

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    • Written by from Balsall common

    If you do go for this product, beware! It may be OK for connecting monitors and perhaps even speakers, but it is no use at all for disc drives. The USB super drive must be directly connected to the Mac, so if you are hoping that this device is the "one cable solution" for all your peripherals, be prepared to be very disappointed.

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    Works extremely well and frees up memory but...

    • Written by from Valparaiso

    I was initially put off by the expense of the device but decided to buy it anyway. For the expense though, it gives back an extremely valuable asset: performance. My machine runs like butter and doesn't threaten to burn the pads off my fingers anymore. Even Google Chrome, with its pi**-poor memory management and 32-bit blasphemy, was running remarkably smoothly (while still robbing me of an entire GB of memory). But then I saw the reviews....

    I was really surprised people are having so many issues with the device. I use a pre-retina hi-density 15" MBP with 4GB RAM and 2.3 GHz i7 to run a home studio. I have a Focusrite sound card and a Toshiba 1TB mobile HD hooked up to it both running solely on bus-power plus an additional USB2.0 hub hooked up to an Ableton Push controller, Logitech peripheral dongle, and an iPad 4 both running on bus power as well. By all other accounts, I'm running this little box past the breaking point and then some. But it's working smoothly without a single hitch! I thought I'd at least have some extra audio/MIDI latency, but there was hardly any!

    I already know what the SuperDrive issue is. Apple designed all their post-MBA computers to push more power through their USB ports than standard to run the SuperDrive, thus it can't run unless plugged directly into a Mac. This is the big drawback to eliminating on-board disc drives. It's a permissible fault of the device since the SuperDrive tech is patented and having to hook your SD into the actual bus on the machine isn't a big deal, but Belkin should've made note of it. They also should've made note of the fact that the USB3.0 ports are more like 2.5 since they only support 2.5 Gb/s instead of 5.0 Gb/s like standard 3.0.

    As far as the other issues with storage drives, I'm just lucky that my equipment works perfectly on it. And for that I'm giving it a two instead of totally panning it.

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    Silver Brick

    • Written by from Bristow

    It has deficiencies at every turn.

    Can't power external drives that use line power. All USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt drives need not apply.

    Can't work with Apple 30" monitor. Just flashes in low rez. Connecting direct using DisplayPort jack to 15" retina works fine so it's not the monitor.

    Finicky with Firewire powered drives.

    Power supply weighs more than the device (and it can't power external drives with bus power?!?!)

    Only has one Thunderbolt and Firewire 800 port for use (has two TBolt ports, one is input)

    Over all, do not recommend. Get a powered USB hub instead at 1/10th the price.

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    Just use thunderbolt

    • Written by from Portland

    Honestly i thought this product was too good to be true and it turns out it is.

    a) About half of the USB 3.0 peripherals i own only connect at 480 even though they show as USB 3.0.
    b) Cannot boot off USB 3.0
    c) Throughput is very slow
    d) Cannot attach a USB 3.0 hub to it (Mac OS X limitation)
    e) Most USB 3.0 Flash disks that are rated at 160MB/sec + that connect at full USB 3.0 are benchmarking at like 10-15MB/sec.
    f) Only device i've had success with is a Porche Design by Lacie. Still... Only benchmarks at 80MB/sec
    g) Doesn't even have an eSATA port. Come on.. how hard would this have been ?
    h) Technical support is pathetic. Most answers are "That's a limitation"

    If you want fast portable storage, buy a thunderbolt SSD drive... seriously... if you're willing to spend the money on this dock, then just spend the couple extra dollars and buy a thunderbolt disk.

    I would have paid $500 for this, even without eSATA, if it ACTUALLY worked how it should. For anyone that's wondering yes i have all the latest firmwares and 10.8.4 and a core i7 iMac with 32GB RAM.

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