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    My 3 years old MacBook Air is cooler and higher.

    • Written by from Jersey City

    It's quite sturdy although really lightweight. It makes my 3 years old MacBook Air much cooler and critically, raises the 11-inch screen so my back and neck won't feel fatigue quickly. Virtually all the desks at home or in the library is dangerously low and it's a huge pain for me to use a laptop on them.

    I can't say my MacBook stay absolutely firm but the minor slippery doesn't affect usage. I'm expecting less slippery when I switch to a heavier MacBook Pro in the future. [Update] Solved: turn the stand upside down and use the rubber node to support the hinge of the MacBook then it sits absolutely tight.

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    The BEST Portable Stand for MacAir

    • Written by from Gainesville

    I have been amazed at how much I LOVE this portable stand. It is absolutely ideal for MacAir, where priority is with lightness, flexibility and efficiency. The stand folds to a thin rectangle that is easily stored within a thin case for MacAir. Simple yet ingenious in its construction - it offers several positions, though I find myself routinely using the simple incline. Takes no more than seconds to set up - and just seconds to fold and put away. If you are looking for a portable stand that is light, efficient and absolutely ideal for MacAir - the AViiQ Premium Portable Stand is it!

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    Highly Recommended Laptop Stand

    • Written by from Singapore

    Highly recommend this stand to anybody with a Macbook Pro. Not knowing that this angle is the best angle for long time usage of the Macbook, it has certainly enhanced my experience the laptop. My hands feel comfortable even though using it for a long time.

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    Amazing Grace ;-)

    • Written by from Nykøbing Falster

    Nice piece of equipment! Very well designed! Looks a bit tiny for a 17" MacBook Pro - but works well! Applies a nice, very handy tilt for a relaxed and easy approach to both keyboard and touchpad. Well Done!! :)

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    Great Piece of Design

    • Written by from Frome

    This really is an amazing piece of design work, kudos to Aviiq. I'm hard to impress but this really is something to be impressed by.

    I've been using it for a week now and I cannot fault it. It's strong, completely stable with my rMBP and looks fantastic (not that you can see it!).

    The 12 degree angle is perfect, faultless product.

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