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    Bose qc15 beeping on Qantas 737 flights ?

    • Written by from jerrabomberra

    On the first two flights since I purchased the Bose qc15 a few weeks ago, when using on the Qantas Boeing 737 I have a regular, loud beeping tone - rendering the headset completely unusable.

    I saw a few forum comments saying to use the 'low attenuation setting' and turn up the airplane entertainment volume, but this is a really half assed solution - with the volume being at an unnecessarily loud volume to drown out the beeping, with it still present in the $400 headphones. It's frequency is about 2 per second and it is a regular midrange crisp tone - almost as if it is pinging to the aircraft strobe lights, rotating beacon, transponder or radar ? New batteries and changing the leads have same symptoms. Plugging in my Sony headphones, or Apple earpieces, or the cheap and nasty airline ones into the same seat - no sign of the noise !!!!! No issue when playing from iPod, iPhone, iPad in same location - it is defiantly aircraft feedback related, but on 2 separate flights.....

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    Great, But!

    • Written by from Warwick

    These headphone produce good sound and have an excellent noise cancelling effect. I do not fly anymore without noise cancelling headphones. The first pair I bought where the first made by Bose, I loved them but after some time the black fabric covering that goes around the ear started flaking off into tiny bits. These bits got on everything and in my ears. I had to stop using them. Bose made some updates to these and I decided to give them another try and got another pair. The same thing happened. I will not give Bose a third chance.

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    sound leakage

    • Written by from London

    i must say the sound quality and noise cancellation is very good but the worst part is the sound leakage even at 75% sound they leak out too much of sound . i did not expect this bose at least. spending this much of money is not worth because of sound leakage because it is too much. feeling very sad seeing the amount of sound leakage.

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    Ears Block

    • Written by from Thousand Oaks

    My ears block whenever I put on these headsets, worse than high altitude. Very large headset, falls backwards. I have a fairly small head, Bose headphones always seem to fall off.

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    Soul of sound lost

    • Written by from 港区

    This headphone destroys the soul of audio, i.e. alters it considerably beyond the point I could enjoy. Drums do not sound like drum, piano does not sound like piano, violin treble sound sadly dull. I do not know what they do with DSP (digital signal processing) but in effect, the music does not sound as it should be.Although I am not an audiophile, sound difference between Bose QC15 and either PSB M4U2 Noise cancelling headphones or AKG K550 closed back headphones. PSB and AKG do a great job in replicating the sound from the instrument accurately.

    Besides, for the price, the build quality is abysmal. I could not find any other headphones except cheap sub $10 Chinese ones that badly made. The cable is so thin, which made me worry how long they would last, had I kept them.

    Purely speaking of noise cancelling aspect, it did and good job. Still, I could hear some white noise when there is no music is playing. It was comfortable to wear, but like other around the ear headphones, I sweat a bit from ears, when wearing for long time.

    I should also note a friend of mine who also tested the same copy of headphone felt the white noise a bit creepy and felt uncomfortable with the air pressure change when putting on the headphones.

    Although I found the noise cancelling and comfort good, it failed in it's primary function, sound quality.

    Thanks to the good return policy, I could return the product and get the refund. For anyone who wants to give a try for this headphone, I recommend to buy with 30 day money back guarantee.

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    Noise Cancelling Always On; No Audio Without Battery

    • Written by from Saint-Hubert

    This is one really comfortable headphone but they come with a few drawbacks that really break the experience for me. If you don't have a charged battery your headphones are just dead weight. You cannot turn off the noise cancelling. It's either on or you can't hear anything at all. It's a shame really.

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    Not what I expected

    • Written by from Rochester

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Thailand soon so I figured these headphones would be a great thing to get for the trip. After buying my wife the new I pad and myself getting the Mac book air I added 2 pairs of these headphones to the order.

    I will admit the sound is very good in these headphones. However when you turn them on I got a uncomfortable feeling in my ears. It almost felt like when you are high up in a plane and your ears are about to pop. I figured okay maybe its just a one time thing and I will try them again. Every time I turned the headphones on I got a uncomfortable feeling. What makes matters worse is that you have to buy batteries for them in order for them to work. So whatever they are using to make the noise reduction it had a bad side effect for my ears.

    I have a lot of products from Bose(computer speakers, wave radio) but this is the first time I was not happy with one of their products. So after about a week of denial and trying to talk myself into keeping them I brought them back.

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    Not worthy as Price.

    • Written by from gujranwala

    I got a set of these headphone.Sound quality is good but headphones are too expensive.normal bass not good or great bass and bass is not deeper too.The bass of my 10$ A4TECH in ear Headphones is deeper than it.Comfortable and sound Quality is Good.It should not more than 100$.

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    cheap materials will cost you for years...buy sennheiser, klipsch, or polk

    • Written by from malvern

    I bought Sennheiser PXC 450 after years of replacing parts on the Bose. Bose materials are as cheap as you can find on any sound canceling headphones. For such a premium price you'd think they could provide a cord better than a $19.95 pair of cheap headphones. Don't waste your money.

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    short life span

    • Written by from elanora

    Yes, they really are amazing.......until two months later the right side loses sound, and then you return them for a new pair.......and 5 months later the right side loses sound.

    I loved them and was heartbroken to have a second pair malfunction the same way. Absolutely NOT worth 399 (I paid 299 in the US, why the AU price slug?)

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    • Written by from Sicklerville

    I use these ONLY for air travel. So I have used them 10 Times over 1 1/2 years.
    The wire that attaches to the battery opening device came off. Now I have to pay $90 for a replacement pair! I think it is outrageous. Nothing should break after 10 times and cost $90. to replace.

    I will NEVER buy any BOSE product again. I have been a long time BOSE buyer.

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    great sound but terrible build quality is poor.

    • Written by from Drummoyne

    i bought a pair of QC15in 2007 and they were great and still sound amazing. however the foam around the ear cup started denigrating and coming off till it it was completely destroyed.

    i took it back to where i bought it from (BOSE store in Pacific Center) in Vancouver and the store manager to see what the store can do for me. the store manager was so rude, he pretty much start making up rules on how i'm supposed to wipe them after each use and he continued to tell me that it was documented in the user manual.

    when i asked him to show me where it says that, he said that he didn't have any manuals around and pretty much said that i can either pay $150 and get a new pair of QC15 or $50 for replacement ear cups.

    again, the sound is great but get ready for replacement parts every 2-3 years.

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    Yeah but...

    • Written by from Prairie du Sac

    Have you people tried the noise-cancelling earbuds from Apple? SOOO much better sound quality, more convenient, and one heck of a lot cheaper.

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    Great until you walk

    • Written by from St Albans

    I wanted a pair of these for ages so finally took the plunge. They are great when you're sat still on a plane or train.

    Unfortunately, most people who walk from their home to the station each morning don't want a separate pair of expensive headphones when they've just spent £279 on this set. You can feel every single footstep you take reverberate around your head; a real disappointment on a premium product such as this.

    For comfort and sound and noise cancelling when sat motionless, they are awesome; I just think headphones at such a hideous cost should be perfect in all other settings, too.

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