I see the HDMI plug but what is that second plug for?

On the pictures of this Lightning to HDMI adapter there looks like to plugs, 1 for the HDMI, what is the other one for?

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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    The other plug you see is another Lightning. You can use it to recharge your Iphone 5 while you are using the HDMI port.


  • The second plug is a female Lightning port, so you can take your regular USB to Lightning cable and charge your iPad/iPhone/iPod while you are using the adapter.

  • It is a second Lightning plug to allow you to charge the device at the same time.

  • The other port is to charge the device. Aka you can plug a lightning adapter into it. Once plugged into the wall it charges the device weather the hdmi is plugged in the AV adapter or not.

  • The second one is another lightning port so that you can charge and use HDMI at the same time.

  • charging the iphone at the same time. you can output video and audio and charge it

  • The other port is a jack to allow the original Lightning cord to plug in and supply power.
    If you zoom in, you can see that it has the same 8-pin configuration.

    This allows the iPhone/iPad/iTouch to be powered should it be used for a longer item, such as a feature-length movie.

  • It's another Lightning port, so, with a Lightning to USB cable, you can charge your iOS device while using the HDMI port. This is crucial if you're going to watch movies or do presentations and don't want to worry about battery life. The 30pin HDMI cable works the same way, but the 30pin VGA port does NOT have a second port, so you needed to make sure you had enough charge when presenting.

  • This is a second Lightning connector which allows you to charge or sync your device while it is connected to your HDMI display.

  • It's to plug in your lightning cable so that you can charge it at the same time as using the adaptor.

  • Lightning port, so you can charge it at the same time.

  • It is another Lightning connector, so you can use your USB-to-Lightning cable to keep your device charged / charging while you are outputting the video over HDMI.

  • The second plug is for your lightening charger to plug into your iPhone while the accessory is connected.

  • From the shape and pin count, I am convinced that it is a pass through lightning port. Or, at least a lightning port for charging while using this A/V adapter.

  • I would guess that it's a Lightning input so you can charge at the same time

  • You can plug a Lightning USB cable in to the second outlet to charge or sync your device while the cable outputs to your TV.

  • Power

  • The other port is for the lightning connector. The previous version had a dock connector in the same place. It is there so you can charge your device while using the HDMI output.

  • From the size and logo diagram, it looks to be a lighting port. Possibly to allow you to charge the phone at the same time.

  • Its were the Lightning conector goes so you can charge and display your device on you tv projector or what ever you are connecting to.