Do I have to remove this cover in order the charge the iPad in the iPad dock?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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    Yes, the cover must be completely removed in order to use it with the iPad Dock.

  • The case is designed so you should not have to remove the iPad to charge it. However, every time I have charge mine I have had to remove it from the case. The problem appears to be that the cutout for the USB plug is poorly sized and poorly fitted.

  • Yes, you can charge it with the case on using a cable charger, but it won't fit in the dock with the case.

  • Unfortunately, you will have to remove the case to use the iPad dock, however, normal charging will work with the power adapter included with the iPad.

  • Hi Mark ,

    Yes the case will have to be removed from the iPad for it to charge in the dock

  • Mark F, there is a cutout for the 30-pin dock. So charging with the Smart Case on is possible.

  • No you have never remove this cover while charge the iPad in the iPad dock

  • Hands on experience....NO, you'd don't have the remove the cover in order to charge in the iPad dock. I just got the smart cover for my iPad 3/new iPad. It is able to charge on the Apple iPad dock while the cover is still on it. The first time I tried, I had to wiggle it once for all of the connections to be right.

  • Yes.