MacBook Pro retina 13 inch or 15 inch?


I've been thinking about switching from windows to Mac for a while,and in the end, I've decided to get a MacBook Pro with retina display. I would use this computer as a desktop since I have no need for portability other than the odd weekend trip or vacation.
I need the laptop for documents, many presentations, browsing the web, watching some movies, editing some photos and for a little gaming if I have the time for it.
Originally, I wanted the 15 inches because I like the bigger screen, but there is a big difference in prize between both laptops. Which one should I buy? Is it worth it to spend 400$ more for the 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display?

Thank you for your advice.


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    I just bought the 13" version after many years of using a 15" and I highly recommend it. I bought a used monitor for a bigger screen. The 13" is so much lighter and more portable.

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  • If cost is an issue, always remember to check out Apple's website and look under refurbished MacBook Pro- a good discount for a computer that is Apple refurbished to factory specs and comes with a warranty - Plus w AppleCare - there should be no issues on its reliability.
    Worth a try .

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  • For work (the company uses PCs not Apples), I need a bigger monitor to work on spreadsheets, or to see the entire page of a document, or multiple pages at once, etc. So I like a bigger monitor for the daily grind in the office. However, my company just issued us smaller boxes to use when traveling and I like the lightweight simplicity of a smaller laptop to travel.

    At home, however, I have loved having a 13" MacBook for everything from web-surfing recipes to cataloguing pictures. For me, the only time it's a bit inconvenient is when I'm working in iMovie, which can feel somewhat small. But, I wanted the 13" from the outset because I knew it would travel with me sometimes and I knew if I got the 13", I wouldn't have to buy any specially sized bags to carry it in.

    Regards, Alison

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  • I personally think the 13" is better because it is more portable and is easier to control but if you are a gamer go with the 15" it's faster

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  • I have the 13 and love it but if you are going to be gaming I would go for the 15 because of graphics.

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