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    Dasign flaw

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    I recently travelled with my new Shuffle, and when I got to my destination I discovered that the vertical plug of the dock that connects to the shuffle had snapped off in my backpack, rendering the dock useless. This highlights a design flaw in the design of the dock that comes with the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle, in that the vertical plug is susceptible damage.

    Perhaps Apple should consider making available a cheaper alternative USB adapter for the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle that does not feature the upright base of the dock, but rather a simple cable with a USB plug at one end and headphone-like plug at the other.

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    Piece of junk

    • Written by from Martinsburg

    The new shuffle itself is great but the dock is a piece of junk. It sits up in a position to be broken off. I've had it for 2 weeks and it's broken off and useless. A replacement costs $30. It needs to be redesigned to eliminate the cradle and just plug in like the headphones.

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    • Written by from Boston

    I Agree.
    Mine has also been snapped because it was on my floor and someone accidently stepped on it. Apple should make a different dock that's just a simple cable.
    I'm so disappointed to see such a high price (30 bucks??) for this unsecure stuff..

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    Too Expensive

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    It breaks after about 3 weeks, and replacement cost of almost £20 is silly. Not happy

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    It broke

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    I too broke my dock, which was very easy. I think it would be better value for money to buy another shuffle than pay twenty quid for one!

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    • Written by from Rochester

    I have had the same problem everyone else has had. The metal piece broke off. I was looking around to see how much it costs and $30 is ridiculous when you can buy a new one for $49. I'm going on a trip soon and wanted to have this. I might just buy a new one, but I dont really want to give apple any more money, so I might just go with a different brand.

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    Poorly constructed and overpriced

    • Written by from Bothell

    The tip of the metal piece of the charger broke after I've had the shuffle for a month. I really like the player itself, but to charge $30 for a cheaply made and easily broken accessory is atrocius. Shame on you, Apple.

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    3 have broken on me, I want to cry/give up

    • Written by from winston salem

    This product makes me sick. This is the third one I have bought, and I am a self proclaimed mac addict. I love apple, yet this product...... why is it 30 bucks to replace it, it should be 2.50.
    Total disapointment

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    Bad Dock

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    The dock is very sensitive, the docking stick connecting it bends, and then it scratches the inside of ipod. The docking stick can break. This is the only dock that is appropriate for a regular computer hard drive, the other one without a cord won't, it needs a longer extension. I've bought two of them already, too sensitive.

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    Bad Product

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    The piece of the shuffle dock didn't break off, but it came loose and then just stopped working. Now the base is 30 bucks! That's ridiculous! I was going to buy an off brand base at Best Buy for 20 bucks, but a new shuffle is only 49! Maybe I should just buy a new one. Maybe that's what Apple wants.

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    • Written by from asheville

    this product broke in my computer bag and my ipod is almost dead, apple need to make a CHEAPER more economical design.

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    Poor Accessory for a Great Product

    • Written by from Huntington Park

    So I've had my 2nd Gen Product (Red) iPod Shuffle since roughly mid 2008 (nearly 4 years!) and the dock has finally come to the end of its short life. The metal prong is loose and will no longer charge my iPod Shuffle.

    Now I'm in a conundrum because I probably paid about $100 for my 1 GB Shuffle when I initially bought it and I can just replace the entire shuffle for $50 plus tax, but only the cable is broken so that doesn't seem necessary.

    I can go to a 3rd party cable supplier and see if I can get one for cheaper, which I will most likely do because I can't justify paying $33.00 for a poorly designed yet absolutely necessary accessory made by Apple.

    The metal prong poking out is a MAJOR design flaw which I'm sure Apple has figured out and which I'm sure is why, none of the newer shuffles come with this type of cable, but I am bummed out that they haven't updated the cable or allowed the older iPod Shuffles to be charged with the newer iPod Shuffles' cables.

    Quite the conundrum as you can see because I like supporting Apple and using their accessories but Apple you failed me on this one!

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    Not a practical charger

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    The way the charger is designed doesn't allow for it to have a long life. I've only had my shuffle for 2 months and I wasn't able to get more than one charge out of the charger before the tip accidentally broke off. Granted we all know we can take better care of our things, but I shouldn't have to worry more about the charger breaking than the actual shuffle. Not to mention that I bought the shuffle for $50 and the charger is $30. Might as well have bought another shuffle. Instead I found a great charger (less likely to break) at another site for $3 so look around the web if your charger breaks too!

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    Dock Broke off inside Suffle

    • Written by from White Plains

    My dock broke off inside the shuffle. I was able to get it out using tweezers. The price of this replacement bites. I think it will break again. The engineering is awful, which is surprising given how well designed the rest of the ipod line is.

    an MIT-trained engineer

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    Does Apple read these comments?

    • Written by from mesa

    With all the bad reviews reporting the same problem, I would think Apple would do something about it. That says a lot about Apple, I'm afraid. I'll add another broken dock to the pile. Mine lasted 2 weeks and broke for no apparent reason.

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    terrible dock design!

    • Written by from McIndoe Falls

    I love my shuffle perfect for running, but the dock is badly designed, it broke so easily...i looked this up to see the replacement is $30! might as well buy a new shuffle for that price, what a rip!

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    Ipod shuffle docking station

    • Written by from Brigham

    I also have had two break on me....it would just be cheaper to buy a whole new IPOD......wich is probably the reason that they made it such a breakable design......Now if I want to charge it i have to buy a 29.00 station........what a joke. I love my shuffle but now have to drive to a friends house to charge it. I bought the usb port cable, it said would charge it and it wont.......frustrating!!!!!

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    too much!

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    To pay $49 for the shuffle and then have to pay $29 to replace the cheap dock is way too much for the piece of plastic that breaks so easily! I'd buy it for $10, but for $29, forget it, I'll get something else.

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    Broken stem on dock

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    From time to time I travel for work and bring my iPod and laptop with me so I can work and listen to music and audiobooks. Perhaps actually moving the dock around is too tough on it (and I'm not taking proper care of my equipment) because the stem broke off. I pack the dock and laptop in my carry-on, but the dock is the only thing that has ever broken. iPods were designed, I thought, so that we could travel with them. Perhaps the docks were designed to break so we'd have to replace them, spending more money on the same piece of equipment. Shame on you, Apple, for your poor design. I also don't like that, even when the dock works, you can either charge the shuffle or listen to it, but not both. I preferred the old design.

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    Fragile and too expensive

    • Written by from Needham

    I received this dock with my iPod shuffle, and after 6 months of use it appears to be in perfect working order, but is almost impossible to use. The iPod shows up as an "Unknown USB device" in Windows and does not work until much fiddling by reseating the shuffle.

    My solution: order a generic cable without a prong sticking up for <$2.

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