will it import AVCHD videos from camers

How do I import AVCHD from my Panasonic video recorder to my iPad retina

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

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    Nope, it doesn't. I tried connecting my 4th gen iPad to Sony hdr-cx260v. It doesn't read any of the movies stored on the flash drive. It does import the photos I took on the camcorder.

    I import the movie to the mac, and convert the AVCHD files to MP4/H.264 using the QuickTime's export feature, then move it to iPad.

    I didn't find any other better way to achieve this. Let me know if you guys found a better alternative?

  • Converting AVCHD to MPEG-4 or to H.264 is the only way. The specs for Lightning to USB Camera Adapter says "..supports ... HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4". So there you go. I wish Apple can come up with an adapter to accommodate AVCHD format.