Can I use it wilth my iphone 4S?can I use the volume button if it's in the sock. Does it protects from drops?

Apple iPod Socks

Apple iPod Socks

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    The iPhone 4S fits in very snugly although you can still see the top edge. You can use the volume control through the sock. It won't give as much protection as a case but it should help stop scratches.

  • The socks fit all iPhone and iPod models, as shown with the icons above. It's only a layer of fabric, so if you know where the volume buttons are by instinct, I'm sure you can activate them through the material of the sock. As far as drop protection goes.. they won't do much when considering the weight of iPhones/iPods. At the end of the day.. it's just a sock and won't offer much in the way of structural protection.

  • iPhone 4S will fit inside the sock. Using volume buttons while inside the sock needs practice. The sock is not designed to protect from drops; only from scratches.