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    A bad joke

    • Written by from London

    The recent upgrade to iOS 4.2 renders the camera connection kit useless. The maximum USB output has been reduced from 100ma to 20ma which isn't enough to drive this device.

    I invested £500 on an iPad specifically to be able to review photos with clients at the end of a shoot. The fact that Apple has suddenly and without any warning stopped supporting the camera connection kit is appalling and leaves me with suddenly needing to find a grand or two for a laptop.

    It's even worse that they are still selling this without informing anyone that it doesn't work anymore.

    This whole fiasco is a joke and the people involved should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Thanks, Apple, for killing this device's functionality.

    • Written by from Baton Rouge

    I'm a professional photographer. I WAS using this device to back up my memory cards to my iPad during shoots through ordinary USB card readers (and review shots on the larger screen). My cameras only use CompactFlash and MemoryStick, so the USB connector was the only realistic option.

    As of the iOS4.2 install, this function has been taken away. Every card reader I have tried now reports that "The attached USB device requires too much power." Almost useless for me now.

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    Back to Nothing - Usb power now restricted and not compatible

    • Written by from Metz

    I'm a real user of mac product in my personnal and professionnal area. I've bought today the camera connector kit and i would like to say that my camera is not supported by the adapter.
    Neither the camera nor a simple usb card, plugged threw the adapter, works.
    Got a problem of a "usb powered" (switch 100 mA to 20mA)
    I've learned that this feature has been restricted since the update of Ios 4.2, and it's really a shame to sell a product that restricts all the items bought for the ipad.
    I will  not recommend the camera connector kit  until Apple update the ipad firmware to re-initialize the 100 mA USB port.

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    Does not work with iOS 4.2

    • Written by from Boulder

    USB does not work. It says it requires too much power. Until this is fixed in the OS, this is worthless.

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    Use to be a great device before the latest update

    • Written by from Phoenix

    As a photographer this use to be a great device. I use a canon DSL camera with a compact flash and cannot put the CF into the IPad camera connection kit so I used a separate USB device to connect my compact flash. While I am shooting Track and Field meets I use to take the CF out of the camera and connect it to the Camera Kit on the IPad (though the USB SanDisk) while continuing to shoot the meet with another CF. As soon as the photos loaded I could select a couple and quickly look at them to send to the National Editor. I can no longer do that because the new update for the IPad does not allow for devices that need a lot of power............. which is almost everything. So now I have to connect my camera to the camera connection kit on the IPad which means I cannot shoot the meet while it is connected to the IPad. Doesn't work for me and now the product is completely useless as well as the IPad which is the whole reason I bought it!

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    • Written by from Denver

    Do not buy this!. People found inventive ways to use the USB and SD card reader. Apple did not like it and dumbed the feature down with 4.2. It will not read photo SD cards. I made sure they were included in the correct file and even dumbed them down to the iPad resolution. Does not work. I bought my wife a MacBook and was considering replacing by laptop and desktop with Mac's. NOT NOW. I am harsly reminded of Apples inflexability and am going to stay with PC's.

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    Does not work with iOS 4.2

    • Written by from Helsinki

    What worked well with iOS 3, does not work after upgrade. iPad says USB card reader is drawing too much power. How is this possible? How could update break this? Unacceptable!

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    Broken with iOS 4.2.1

    • Written by from Garland

    This worked perfectly with the original iPad OS, versions 3.x. Since the upgrade they reduced the amount of power that is supplied to the USB connector which causes most camera card readers to not work, I discovered this on Thanksgiving when I tried to load pictures to show off. This product is now useless for me.

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    Would give it a ZERO if I could

    • Written by from SEATTLE

    Don't buy - if you have a normal camera it won't work - seems like more energy is required than the ipad allows - zero zero zero

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    Doesn't work

    • Written by from Vancouver

    Wouldn't work with iOS3.2 or 4.2.1. Unable to read my SD card or interface with my nikon coolpix camera on either OS version.

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    Some Cameras Are Not Compatible

    • Written by from MADISON

    I have an older Canon Power Shot with a compact flash card. The camera has a USB cord and exports pictures just fine onto my iMac. However it does not work with my iPad. Apple told me "some cameras are not supported". Maybe Apple could list which cameras are not supported before customers purchase this.

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    SD reader does not work

    • Written by from Bloomington

    4Gb SD card, formatted in a Canon camera. Error MSG "USB device not supported" occurs as soon as I insert the SD card into the attached SD Reader. Can not find a solution. Worthless piece of junk, test it in the store before you waste your money.

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    Card Reader has never worked

    • Written by from FPO

    Can't get sd reader to work. Keep getting device not supported dismiss. Tried to find an email for support no luck. This is the closest. I was wondering if there was a secret hand shake that I was missing. Anyone got an answer?

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    Use caution before buying

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Apple (Steve?) has locked-down the iPad even further with OS 4.2
    The Camera Connection Kit that had an "official" use and an "actual" use (that consumers were VERY happy about) was rendered pitifully "official" by OS 4.2 and now photos will be uploaded IF your SD card uses a maximum of 20mAh (all the other gadgets will not work anymore), and the files must be unaltered, have 8-character file names (only), and supposedly put in a sub-folder of DCIM to be recognized properly. (Be warned, many owners have reported increased "optimization" of image files - they are reduced/grainy in quality) My SD cards no longer work - neither does my wired keyboard.
    Apple has administered this type of lock-down with almost every OS release. And, unfortunately, it hurts good customers who are reliant on the original options - despite still making huge profits for Apple.

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    Should be great, but too limited to be useful product

    • Written by from Berkeley

    Just about everything I want to do, this kit can't / won't do. Tried to upload video from new Sony cybershot--kit can't read video format. Tried uploading pix from mobile phone micro sd card--kit won't read that either, even tho using sd adapter card. Tried to upload pix from flash drive--well forget that too. Everything seems to be incompatible with the iPad, unless it's an apple product. Come on, apple, you don't need to control all my purchases, do you? I should not have to give up all the other devices i love just to be able to continue to use my iPad effectively. I would appreciate your increasing the usability of this product, or please give me a refund. I wouldn't have purchased it had I known it's extremely limited usefulness.

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    Use to work, but...

    • Written by from fountain valley

    Mine was working fine until the iOS 4.2 update. Now doesn't recognize it at when plugged it. Please fix this ASAP Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Huge Fail

    • Written by from Bothell

    Used to work great, but no longer functions for me now that Apple has crippled my iPad with ios 4.2, as many here can attest to as well. Be very careful of Apple's sneaky software update tricks. Apple has really let their iPad users down and will be seeing some dismal sales on their next iPad release.

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    Inoperable camera connection kit

    • Written by from White Plains

    I read the reviews and thought they couldn't possibly be correct and went out and bought the camera connection kit for my wonderful IPAD with the 4.2 upgrade. Well, I should have listened to everyone - it would not recognize my SD card or camera so I returned it. When will there be a fix for this very serious problem?????

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    Doesn't work for Compact Flash cameras or card readers

    • Written by from SARATOGA

    I bought this intending to use my iPad on my upcoming trip to download, view, and email pictures while on the road. My camera is a Canon 20D which uses a Compact Flash card. When I tried connecting my USB CF card reader to the iPad, the iPad said that the device drew too much power and wasn't allowed. I then tried plugging in my Cannon 20D in via a USB connection cable and the iPad said the device wasn't supported. I'll be returning the kit to Apple.

    Apple, either allow other devices to work, or call it the "Apple iPad SD Camera Connection Kit".

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    Does not work after ios update

    • Written by from New York

    After ios 4.2 update ipad usb power output was reduced and most devices no longer connect to ipad. A ripoff...

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