• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awful Design, Terrible Job Apple.

    • Written by from Topeka

    I had a 2009 Macbook 15" I paid $2000 for and the power adapter was 100% awesome. Never had an issue, used it and abused it.

    I paid $2500 for this Late 2013 Mac. Power cord lasted less than 1.5 years before the cord frayed. This needs to be recalled for terrible quality and design. The thing not only heats up like crazy, but the cord literally melted and now the wires are exposed. Nice job apple. Nice job.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Third replacement in 18 months!!!

    • Written by from Reading

    This product is incredibly poor quality. I am now on my third replacement. Having just opened the box and plugged this third item in for 10 minutes it is too hot to touch. I am really worried that it may cause a fire.

    But what do I do? this is the official Apple item and I need to be able to use my Mac Book for work. Apple have me over a barrel!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Sorry excuse for a charger.

    • Written by from Kendal

    I purchased my Macbook Pro 15" Retina display 13 months ago with AppleCare for 1 year. My EXTREMELY well looked after charger broke with no signs of wear and tear after it worked 10 minutes previously. I now have to pay £65 to replace it so I can complete work which is crucial due to the nature of my job.. After spending around £2500 on the laptop, I would have appreciated a charger which reflected the price I paid. Apple is undoubtably the best in my opinion, but this charger has drastically slowed down the process of my work due to having to borrow chargers. Seriously unimpressed with the cost of a replacement after only 13 months of the purchase of my Macbook especially if I'm likely to have to do this every year so I can make the use of my laptop. Gotta rush, I only have 3%...

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stopped working

    • Written by from Täby

    suddenly after less than two years

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I love the smell of burning electronics in the morning.

    • Written by from Zgierz

    My Magsafe 2 died 2 months after the warranty on my 15" Retina MBP ended. Now I have a large $80 paperweight with a cable that smells of burned electronics. It was plugged into a power-strip with nothing but a lamp and the strip was plugged into the wall directly. Didn't change anything in my setup for a long time and now this, out of the blue. Apple does not repair it even if you want to. Buy new or nothing. Magsafe from 2009 MBP still going strong.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad Cord Insulation

    • Written by from Venlo

    The quality of the insulation of my Magsafe adapter is terrible, it just falls apart after 1,5-2,5 years. As does the insulation of my Gigabit ethernet adapter cord.
    I'm thinking about getting other than apple next time i'm going to buy a laptop for professional use, which will be shortly, not only because of the magsafe adapter...

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Charger Cord Flimsy & Falls Out

    • Written by from Bailey

    My computer is not even 3 days old. I was surprised at how flimsy the new MagSafe power cord was in comparison to my old one that is now 7 years old and works perfectly. The new cord falls out repeatedly, so I decided to see if I was the only one experiencing this problem. Good grief! I was shocked to read such poor reviews for a product that prides itself on quality. Now I'm not only concerned about the longevity of the product but the safety as well. I've got 12 days left to decide if I keep this computer or return it and get my money back because of something that would be such an easy fix.

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    Poor quality

    • Written by from Aberdeen

    85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter failed after only 19 months of use.
    Extremely unimpressed.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Falls out all the time

    • Written by from Southsea

    This is an AWFUL power adapter. I can't even move without it falling out. As for the quality of the wire I've had mine for a year and so far see no signs of wear and tear despite frequent travel. I am aware of how flimsy and cheap it is so I'm extra careful when packing it. Please please change this flimsy little adapter...we expect more after having spent a bomb on a laptop.

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    Cable insulation is perishing useless

    • Written by from London

    I've been using MacBooks for years and would expect normal wear and tear, but the rubber insulation on the MagSafe end of the cable perishes far too quickly.

    I treat mine with a great deal of care, but now my second power adaptor in 18 months has perished. It's simply not good enough to put such a consistently repeated fault down to improper care by the user.

    If only the MagSafe end unclipped like the mains end does, it would be easy to swap them over for a new one without having to replace the whole adaptor unit, which continues to work fine.

    The power adaptor itself works well, and the Macbook is fabulous - but please can we have better quality - or at least cheaply replaceable - cables?

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    • Written by from Reddditch

    I've gone through 2 of these in less than two years, the cable just falls apart either where it joins the mac or where it joins the 'brick' bit. You would have though apple would have made a charger that actually lasts a decent amount of time considering their top of line macbook is £2500+

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    Power Adapter

    • Written by from MURRIETA

    I agree with everyone's complaints. I'm now on my third Apple 85W MagSafe Power adapter. With all Mac's tech brilliance, you'd think they could come up with an adapter that would last as long as the computer! That flimsy thing attached to the magnet is just plain interior.

    Really, Apple. You can't do better? Or is this $80 replacement too big a money maker to improve?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Avoid like the plague

    • Written by from FORT WORTH

    My first charger lasted two years before the wire covering from charger to laptop discoloured and started to unravel. Now having had this charger for just over a year and being meticulous in taking care of the charger, the wire from the charger to the laptop looks much worse than the previous charger. My wife even put some vinyl tape on it but even than the insulation or covering around the wire looks so discoloured and it is unraveling even more. I feel like I have to buy two chargers, one for work and one for home. This is nuts!

    Why can't Apple make a better product and NOT cheap out on the safety and integrity of this product? Apple, you are giving yourself a BAD name for a simple fixable solution, which is use better material and insulation for the wire between the charger and the laptop.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Halt all production at Apple.....

    • Written by from Columbia

    The quality of the cord on these things today are disgraceful. Apple should HALT all production on ALL new phones and gadgets until this insipidly SIMPLE product fail is solved. The quality of the cord is disgusting for its $80 price tag. My second adapter cord is FRAYED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CORD. It doesn't even travel because I have TWO Thunderbolt displays at work and a second cable in my home office. The cord 98% is near my bed, unfolded but managed to get frayed---IN THE MIDDLE--and then eventually near the magnetic connection end. This one year old cord is JUST as frayed as my old MacBook 13 inch cable from 2008!!! HOW is that possible?!?!? I am thoroughly uninterested in ANY new Mac hardware until THIS simple yet ridiculous default is fixed OR the price of adapters is cut in half. They literally don't last the warranty of a basic MacBook computer. HOW insane is that? Do better Apple. Steve Jobs is NOT pleased. The biggest scam the company has ever pulled on consumers. Negative 5 stars!!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolute Essential

    • Written by from Perth

    My old 85W MagSafe 2 ripped and completely broke from the power brick after 2 years of usage. Now I bought the new one. It is doing its job and still working fine. In term of quality, this genuine charger adapter (from Apple Online store or retail store) is better than any other generic things like in eBay or amazon. However in terms of usage, Apple 85W MagSafe 2 is not lasting so long as I expected. The cable is easily ripped especially the point near the power brick. Another bad thing is while charging, it is getting really really hot. But it has other good points such as you can charge quite quickly (approx 2 hours for full charge from 5-10% battery) and I'm quite happy about the magnet link.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    As bad as everyone says.

    • Written by from Austin

    The best way to describe my disappointment is by comparing this product to my last Apple power adapter: My previous MacBook Pro lasted 6 years and the power adapter lasted just as long, despite weekly national and international travel, use, and abuse. The old cords did not split or fray. This adapter is barely nine months old and only travelled by air once. Daily, I travel about four miles round trip to school and back with the computer and adapter properly stored in a briefcase. At seven months, through routine use, the thinner cord frayed and split right as it exits the transformer. Absurd that Apple, a company that I am normally ecstatic over, does not fess up to this default and do something to make it right.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Less than 6 months and it's broken.

    • Written by from Brompton

    I've only had my Mac Book Pro for less than 6 months and the charger cord broke without any rough wear.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from NEW YORK

    this thing breaks itself exposing the wire making you pay an extra 100 dollars every year and a half

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best charger of any device I have ever owned!

    • Written by from Edgerton

    I have owned several PC's in the past 8 years of my life, all having a traditional power plug, a couple even charged by high power USB (netbook). And I have to say that 4 our of the 5 laptops I owned, they where replaced because of a broken power jack.

    I spent way more on 2 years worth of laptops than the 2 years I have owned my MacBookPro (Maxed Specs). Mainly because of the well build and the MagSafe 2 adapter.

    I can understand some of these people who are laying their mac on their beds and its getting disconnected, but in my professional IT opinion, if it was a PC with a standard jack, it would have been broken already. I think the only time I really use my laptop plugged in is on my desk at work. And then I just leave my charger in my bag because my laptop will last 5-6 hours on battery. Plenty of time for me to use my laptop for anything on the go, and I am a graphic designer and IT specialist.

    For those who are complaining about the fraying insulation on the outside of the brick and by the head, I have never had this happen. I personally have had this happen on the old 30-pin iPhone charger/sync cable. The thing I tell people is if you charge your phone at night before bed, and maybe in the car on your way home from work it will save your cable from fraying and battery life.

    (I personally can make it the WHOLE day before needing to charge it again, that's with facebook, spotify streaming, texting, and then watching netflix/hulu). I would try and get your phone to 1-2% before charging it again, it saves the battery life.

    ANYWAYS, the point I'm making is I learned by not using my devices plugged in, it saved their battery and charger cables.

    Fact: More laptops that come through my office for repair or replacement are from broken powerjacks than anything else.
    Fact: Since MagSafe, I have never had a Mac come in my office other than for updates or user training.
    Fact: MagSafe disconnects easy, but at the point where a normal powerjack would have broken. ($$$$$$$$ Well spent Apple, thanks :)
    Fact: If you use the adapter as intended it will not fray and your battery will not go bad.

    Lie: The MagSafe disconnects to easy.
    Lie: Its alright to buy a refurbished replacement on ebay/amazon. (3 out of 4 I bought for replacements on ebay as "official" where not, one fried the power bored.)
    Lie: MagSafe 1 was better than 2.

    Lie, sadly: iPhone/iPad will be getting a MagSafe. (There are adapters you can buy that are!)

    I hope this helps guys.

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    Solution for the rip?

    • Written by from Beavercreek

    The cord naturally twists itself, and eventually the cord rips exposing the wire. My second charger ripped today, and ive only had this computer 3 years. I can not afford to keep spending eighty dollars evey year. There really needs to be a solution made, because this is by far not the first negative review, with the same problem.

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