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    • Written by from NEW YORK

    Many others have given this product a 1 star rating and the ratio of bad ratings is about 50 to 1 to the bad. It's clearly a design issue shared by some other Mac products that 'looks nice, does not work well or is not ergonomic but looks like it should be'. If the connector lay alongside the Mac case it might be less subject to constantly falling off or being disconnected at the slightest touch... i.e. with pant leg when you use the mac as a LAPTOP vs. desktop computer. I HOPE, but don't expect, that when this problem is fixed, I'll be notified and can get the updated working model.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    TERRIBLE design. Failed almost immediately, failing again.

    • Written by from Rutland

    I am supremely disappointed in the MagSafe 2 charger for several reasons.

    -My first MacBook Pro Retina's MagSafe 2 failed after 2 (TWO!) months of intermittent use. Burned/stuck pins. Six weeks after I replaced it via the apple store, the new one is failing and shows signs of the same problem.

    -It is nearly impossible to get the thing to stay attached. Sitting with the laptop on my, well, lap top, my battery is at 2% right now and I have now adjusted the charger four times during the writing of this to get it to keep charging.

    This is frustrating because I experienced a similar problem with my original MBP and its white plastic, first generation MagSafe. As an industrial design student, I was pleased to see that Apple resolved the disconnection issue by the simple fix of the 90 degree aluminum plug. This worked because it shifted the levering force of the cord to pull the plug against the sides of the recess, rather than pry the steel plug directly off the magnet.

    -There was no genuine need to change the format of the plug from MagSafe 1, although this did ironically happen around the same time all older Iphone/pod chargers became obsolescent.

    It seems that style has interrupted proven design on this one. I would expect much better from a $2000 laptop.

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    bring back the old!!!

    • Written by from Paradise

    This is possibly the worst change apple have made to their computing products... you literally pick your laptop up while it's on charge, and out comes the flimsy T shaped cord.... most irritating thing, especially when purchasing a new macbook hoping for it to be tip top in every aspect!!

    bring back the old chargers that actually offered some support and held in place which is their only job!!!!

    Also, not sure why i can't give a big fat 0/5 stars...? they should fix that too

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    A downgrade...

    • Written by from Straumsgrend

    This Magsafe 2 connector is a tremendous stepback in design and functionality. The original Magsafe was great because it didn´t stick out and protuded to the side, but was sleek and the cable went back and around the chassis (dependable which way you stuck it in). This new one could be cutting edge in 1995. I am constantly knocking it off its socket, and magnet seems to be weaker as well. Jobs would NEVER allow this horrendous redesign. The excuse of changing it due to their new thin macbook retinas is something i refuse to believe. CHANGE IT BACK!!!

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    ZERO STAR....!!! CABLE FELL APART....!!!

    • Written by from Golden

    it broke in the first 6 months. luckily for me it was still in warranty. got the replacement for free.

    1 year later the cable fell apart. the quality of the cable is TERRIBLE....!!! it use the same material for iPad charger...

    HEEEYYYYYY.....!! iPad charger IS SMAALLLL.... this one is a lot BIGGER...



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    MagSafe 2 should have been called MagWeak

    • Written by from Menlo Park

    The magnet is so weak, I'm tempted to glue it in place.

    MagSafe 2 has been "improved" so that I can no longer use my laptop on my lap or bed without regular disconnections. Nice work, Apple...

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    MagSafe 2 is the the worst design I have ever witnessed!

    • Written by from Raleigh

    I just purchased my very first MacBook Pro, switching from a PC and I am very pleased with it. Except for the power cord. The MagSafe 2 cannot be used on your lap - where I do 90% of my work. It becomes unplugged, constantly. The first two hours of use the power became unplugged about a dozen times. Why would Mac do this?!? It is unbelievably frustrating! Even if it doesn't become completely unplugged, the slightest touch moved the connection so there is a loss of power. Never in my life have I seen such an awful design!

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    a message for whoever designed this thing

    • Written by from Highland Park

    Have you ever tried to remove the AC cord from the adapter once it's installed? Unless the unit I got is a bad copy, otherwise I don't think it is an easy thing to do for anyone.

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    Worst Power adapter Ever!

    • Written by from largo

    I have to say this Power Adapter for the macbook pro retina is the worst, not only it disconnect easily but just little over a year of use the rubber on the cable is tearing up . and suppose i need to spend $79 on a new one?? if they don't do something about it, this will be my last macbook i buy from apple.

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    Magsafe 2 Is Terrible

    • Written by from Tunica

    I am very disappointed with my new macbook pro only because of the connection between the charger and the computer. The charger comes unplugged from the computer constantly. I never had this issue with my 2011 macbook pro. Magnet is too weak. T-design is cumbersome. I love most of my Apple products, but this is awful.

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    • Written by from New york

    This is the WORST design ever. Whenever I move the computer it unplugs automatically. The magnet is so weak and the T design is terrible. So disappointed. Love my new rMBP but hate this charger. Makes the whole experience very frustrating. Apple you need to fire whoever came up with this silly downgrade.

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    Lowest quality wire I have ever used

    • Written by from scottsville

    This is a terrible quality product. The cable kinks, the wire inside is getting twisted, and the material used for the outside of the cable is dry and prone to cracking.

    I have had my Macbook for a couple months now and I am astounded that apple can ship such a low quality charger for such a high end product. They use the same cables for iphone chargers and they all fray and break eventually. I have many lower priced higher quality options when it comes to usb cables but there are non for the computer itself. Also the magnet is weak.

    Disgusted and disappointed.

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    6 months and then bang

    • Written by from Wishaw

    As my title says.......6 months and then bang, I plugged in my power adapter this morning and after 5 minutes there was a bang, a smell of burning and a black streak up the wall, after only 6 months of use this is not what I expect after paying more than 2500 UK Pounds. After having more than 20 windows based laptops over the years and never having a faulty power adapter I feel absolutely disgusted and let down by Apple.

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    • Written by

    The cable looked flimsy from the very start, and finally started tearing at the point where it connects to the power supply. After several months of usage. Oh well, they're not meant to last forever, but I definitely expect slightly better quality when spending 75$ on a power adapter. This one almost caught on fire.

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    Cord frayed after a year and magnet is too loose

    • Written by from Wahroonga

    The magnet is absolutely weak.. Every time I move slightly with the macbook on my lap, it comes out straight away! The cord frayed really easily and broke, leaving me with a dead battery. And now I have to pay $99 for a new one.. Which as a full time student is a lot for me to fork out. Try buying a different macbook with a better battery if you haven't already.

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    Inferior product

    • Written by from Delft

    I consider myself a loyal apple costumer, and I must say I am greatly dissatisfied by this charger!!!!
    As everyone knows, the weakness of the apple chargers is the narrow wire close to the adapter. Obviously the wire breaks within now time. I have always been careful with the wires, this is the first time it breaks. For a laptop that has costed me about 2300 euro's, I find this highly offensive and I am very disappointed!!!
    Also the MBP 15 inch retina is not as solid as one might expect for this price. Do not buy one!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Unusable on a LAPtop.

    • Written by from Rancho Cucamonga

    I truly hate this connector. It is so large and so weak that there is almost no comfortable position to use the rMBP on your lap while it's plugged in, without making it pop right off. I am constantly having to reconnect it. I really wish they would give us back the "L" style.

    As for charging - It works perfectly for both my 13" and my wife's 15".

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    3rd charger in 2 years, cord keeps breaking

    • Written by from Amherst

    I've had 3 of these chargers. Each one breaks in the same way, right at the base of the smaller cord. Each time that it breaks, wires become exposed, then 2-3 weeks later it stops working. For how high quality and durable the other products that I've purchased from apple have been, I couldn't be more unsatisfied. This is a simple fix; create a more durable cord!!!!!

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    inferior pruduct

    • Written by from Frederiksted

    i have owned my macbook pro retina now for 1 year & 6 months now. i am on my 3rd(2nd purchase including original) apple 85 magsafe 2 power adapter. these power adapter seems to peel off the protective shield at the adapter plug in end resulting in failure or the wiring. same result with all i had. NOT SATISFIED AT ALL APPLE!!! $90.00($180.00 so far) adds up extremely fast for every 6 months replacement for a macbook pro retina costing me well over $3000.00. apple make a durable & rugged/long lasting power adapter. i am now starting to re-think going back to a PC(DELL OR HP). make me a happy mac owner or i am gone apple. nuff said.

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    Merely a means to an end

    • Written by from Gunnedah

    My magsafe 2 85W charger for my 2013 Macbook Pro Retina just melted. I could smell burning plastic and thought it was the heater on the other side of the room so I turned the heater off. I go to pack up my charger and I couldn't even touch it because of the heat it producing. The cable at the base of the transformer had melted completely through the wires and was held together by one strand. the new Apple peripherals are a complete and utter disgrace.