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    New and Better than the Old MagSafe

    • Written by from markham

    I own the white 13" 2008 Macbook, and to answer your questions (if any), yes, it works with it. As for the MagSafe itself, it feels differently built (for the better), it doesn't nearly get as hot as the old MagSafe did (incredibly this one stays very cool, even on extended periods of time, although that could be because it's new.) Lastly, the actual connector is pretty innovative, feels much sturdier and less prone to fire/breaking/separation issues. It also wraps around a better/more effective contour. All in all, for $79 compared to $99, and the benefits i've named, it's a much better buy than the previous MagSafe (still overpriced, apple)

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    WAY better than old design

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    i just purchased this product bc my old power adapter broke. this new design prevents the cord from bending right at the magnet, which is how my old charger broke. since the cord comes out of the magnet parallel to the computer side, and not perpendicular like the old one, it can't bend and cause the wires to fray over time... like it so far!

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    Read This!

    • Written by from Houston

    I have a 2008 Macbook and lost my charger on a trip. I was reluctant to order this new one as it is not the exact type they used to provide and after reading the previous bad reviews, I was concerned.

    The first day, the charger worked but the second day, the light failed to eluminate and the laptop was not charging. Hence, my laptop died!

    I visited the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and was amazed to find out that the laptop battery in the older Macbook's needs to be reset/cycled to work with the new power adaptors.

    Apple is also coming out with a software patch that will address this issue.

    I wonder if all the previous poor reviews are because of this issue? Hmmm....

    To fix, simply remove the battery from the laptop and press the button for 10 seconds to reset it.

    Once back in the battery slot, plug the laptop into the new charger and it works!

    A GREAT tip for anyone wondering why this charger does not work with their 2009 and earlier Macbook. It is NOT the charger but the laptop. Voila!

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    Apple will REPLACE that!

    • Written by from Kittanning

    I was going to purchase a replacement for my frayed power cord, but the Apple Store sales person said that it was a covered item, and they replaced it for me for free. While I'm not happy that it frayed, the service is unparalleled! LOVE THEM!

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    Have you checked the Fuse in the plug?

    • Written by

    I've had my MacBook since 2008 and have never had a problem with the power supply till this morning! There was no life in it at all, I have always taken great care of the wires but gave them a wiggle just in case, nothing! I flapped as I use it for work and looked on line and found all these bad reviews and thought, great I'll need to go and get a new one! Then I thought I would just try a new fuse in the plug just in case as I know that when plugging into certain extension sockets it has popped once or twice. I am happy to say that it worked, that's all it needed was a new 3amp fuse! sometimes its the simplest things we forget about. So it's worth trying in a new fuse next time before you think about going straight out to buy a new one, or at least if it still doesn't work you can then rule it out as being a part of the problem - Hope that helps someone!

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    Works fine

    • Written by from Paddington

    My first charger which came with my 2-year macbook pro was broken last month, and by broken, i mean, the cable snapped at the metal head (definitely my fault since i folded it, stepped on it etc) so I came to this site to get a new one. I was surprised to see many negative reviews regarding the charger... and I thought maybe the charger is different from the broken one.

    But i got it anyway since I was desperate. To my surprise, its literally the same charger like I used to have. It works just fine and I have no problem so far... So I am not sure why some users encountered various problems with the charger.

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    Resolved my "Not Charging" issue.

    • Written by from Fresh Meadows

    My initial MacBook Pro charger (which came with the Mac) was not even a year old, and already started to have issues with the MagSafe. It would constantly say that my battery was not charging -- even when it was plugged in!

    After much hesitation, I purchased this one and it works perfectly (so far). It resolved the "Not Charging" issue. Hopefully it won't fall apart as fast as my first charger that came with the Mac --- these are expensive!

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    Magsafe Charger

    • Written by from Mount Vernon

    I love my 13 inch macbook pro. I've had it for five years, and it still runs faster than this dell for which I am writing this review. The only trouble I've ever had with the power adapter is that sometimes the light doesn't turn on, or it will say its not charging. When that happens I just unplug it, then plug it back in. Always fixes the problem. Unfortunately, our new dog bit through my cable which is why I'm buying a new one. 5 stars on the product, 1 star for the price. (its just way to high!!!)

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    Not as bad as they say.

    • Written by from London

    I bought this new charger after having accidentally broken my old T-shaped charger with worry in my mind based on the "overheating" reviews found here.

    I can safely say that those reviews are scaremongering. The charger works without an issue, the MagSafe head does NOT overheat or burn you if it's touched. Cable management is far superior to the T-shaped MagSafe, plus you get a year warranty and peace of mind that the charger won't set fire to your house like some knock-off no-brand MagSafe's.

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    New improved version

    • Written by from Auckland

    This new shape is much better for reducing the risk of damage to the cord, which bugs the older version. It is cheaper, and retains the innovation of the old one with the magnetic safety catch. It does charge the 15 and 17 inch models, but takes a long time to charge if you are doing memory intensive operations such as photoshop or gaming.

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    My charger is still working after two years

    • Written by from BIGGLESWADE

    Useful product

    Recommended for anyone looking to charge their laptop

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    • Written by from brigg

    i bought my mac in America so i had to shorten my charging cable because of the plug so i was very sceptical of buying a new one with all the bad reviews and the fact i couldn't buy that bit separate so i bit the bullet and i cant really can't see why the product has so many bad reviews its been perfect so far.. just double check that you are buying the right one for your mac make sure its the same as the one that came with the box if your not sure just go in store and ask or email apple with all the details of your mac and I'm sure they will be able to point you in the right direction :)

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    Total rip off

    • Written by from Bloomington

    I've only had my mac for about 4 months and the adapter already needs to be replaced...and that will cost me $79...WTH!! Love my mac, but Apple can and should do better on this item!!!!!!!

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    Much better than T Adaptor!!

    • Written by from Kenilworth

    Having owned a white macbook from 2008, I recently purchased a macbook air to replace it. In the interim whilst transferring data between the two computers I regularly charged both from the L Adaptor - both with no issues...

    I have owned the air now for 6 months and the charger is still works/looks as good as day 1.

    Having been a user of both I find the L considerably more functional.

    - Due to the 90deg alignment I find the cable doesn't detach very easily, a common problem I found with the T.

    - The Metal connector definitely does not get hot...

    - The connection worked just fine on both old and new macbooks.

    - Although the transformer does get warm, this is inherent with the physics of transformers. Both my old T and my dell work laptop's charger get's a lot hotter...

    - The transformer is slightly smaller

    Overall better than the T, but still quite expensive to replace (but you buy a mac knowing the accessories are a rip-off!)

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    Magsafe "L"

    • Written by from GLASGOW

    Preferred design by far -- the most robust and sleek of the Magsafe power adaptors. Unhappy that new MacBooks have reverted to a "T" connector

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    • Written by from SALISBURY

    After my first charger got snagged between some moving furniture and broken after five years of faultless use I had two third party replacements fail in six months before biting the bullet and forking out for an apple replacement which is still going strong after a year.

    I would not hesitate to recommend this charger over the third party knockoffs available elsewhere at half the price or less.

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    6 Years and no problems.

    • Written by from Exmouth

    The other posts talk about all sorts of issues, I have had none, in any case I say it's a good product, a little expensive, but in Australia it's always expensive for these items, not sure why?

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    Great product!

    • Written by from Sale

    I love Apple products! Although the charger had recently stopped working on me, it's had a good 3 years without any problems. The breakage of my charger is probably my fault anyway for not storing or handling it very well.
    The only downside is the price of the charger! It's so expensive, but being an Apple product, I guess it's reasonable enough.
    All in all, I don't think I'll regret buying a new charger, as long as it doesn't break on me within the next couple years!

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    Hasn't broke since 2006

    • Written by from Singapore

    I own the original '06 MacBook Pro with the original MagSafe and till this day, I am still using that same power adaptor that came in the box and it is still working almost flawlessly except for cosmetic damages. I don't see how people can fray their cable unless it's a PowerBook barrel / yo-yo cable then I understand.

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    • Written by from Pennant Hills

    This is a great little charger. If you accidentally trip on it, it comes out and your laptop doesn't come crashing down with it!

    Very happy!