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    A Great New Kit - Adds USB Charger

    • Written by from Falls Church

    FYI, the manual indicates the countries of usage as follows: A. Three Prong Blades - UK, Hong Kong, Singapore. B. Flat Angled Blades - Australia, New Zealand. C. Flat Parallel Blades WITHOUT Holes - China. D. Flat Parallel Blades WITH Holes - North America, Japan. E. Round Thick Pins - Korea. F. Round Thin Pins - Continental Europe. The kit also includes a small USB charger. Hope this info helps you!

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    Great for iPods, iPhones and Apple laptops

    • Written by from Clearwater

    I traveled to the Netherlands recently and bought the World Travel Adapter Kit. Even though it says the thick round adapter is for Korea, it works just fine in Europe, so you can use both the thick and thin adapters--at least in the Netherlands. All the sockets I tried accepted both adapters without problems. This kit is great--but now I need a good excuse to visit all the other countries I have adapters for.

    Tip: Also take along a couple of universal plug adapters (available at Radio Shack, etc.). I took my iMac along with me and was able to use the adapter just fine, without having to buy a European iMac cable from the local Apple store.

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    Works Great!!!!

    • Written by from Saint germain

    I bought this for a recent trip to Austria, Italy, and The Netherlands. I love that I can charge my iPhone4S and MacBookPro using the same adapter. The plugs fit right into my Mac charger. This comes with an extra USB cable also. Its so much easier than carrying around a converter along with the chargers. This way I only need one thing. I can't wait to bring this kit along with on my trip to Ghana in May. The only thing that would be really nice is a small bag to throw the plugs into and if they were all labeled.

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    • Written by from Philadelphia

    I used this adapter in Europe as well as Africa, and it was great. Every adapter worked perfectly, and while I was in Uganda there was nothing else that I needed. If you have a macbook of any sort, you can also use the adapters to put onto the laptop charger, and it works just as well. It was used for my laptop, phone, ipod, and has a usb outlet to plug in anything else, like my camera or a kindle. It really was a great purchase, and I got my money's worth and more out of the use I've already had in this product.

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    Great product

    • Written by from Cohasset

    I have owned this travel kit for 5 years. I bought it thinking I might want to take my laptop for conferences in the future while I was still in gradschool. What do you know I spent 3 years of my postdoc traveling every single place on this planet and only had to bring a 2 little connector for my electronics, one for home and one for the country I was visiting, it is just wonderful (I charge all my other electronics through usb ports so with the wall plug of the phone I charged my kindle with it).

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    Very good

    • Written by from Oshawa

    I bought it before 4 months, it's very very good. I advise you to buy it as soon as possible.

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    Good value for money

    • Written by from Petersfield

    This version of the World Travel Adaptor kit costs £29 (only £10 more than the standard iPod USB charger) but comes with 5 additional plugs. That makes it £2 per plug adaptor, and these are the official Apple ones. Bargain IMO

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    Very useful, much better deal than buying an individual adapter

    • Written by from Prescott

    I got this same kit a couple of years ago when I was studying abroad in France. It was way cheaper then buying the individual adapters and I didn't need to worry about an adapter for my laptop on a recent trip to Australia because I already had one!

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    Japan - worked a treat

    • Written by from Bardwell Valley

    Recently travelled to Japan. This kit was very handy. In Japan the plugs are very close together, and using a third party adapter often caused the second power plug to be unusable due to size.

    Using this pack I was able to charge two Apple devices at once.

    The kit includes a plug for China which looks very similar to the Japanese plug in dimensions. I can confirm that they both work in Japan (and possibly the US).

    The kit also includes a new charger and USB cable.

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    • Written by from FLOWER MOUND

    I used the Continental Europe plug adapter for my PowerBook Pro and IPhone in Israel and it worked great!

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    Works great with Magsafe Power Brick.

    • Written by from Calgary

    I bought this Travel Adapter Kit while on vacation in Malaysia because the Travel Adapter I bought for my MacBook Pro kept shocking me. This kit is worth every penny it comes with every adapter you need and a bonus iPod World charger.

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    A slightly better mouse trap

    • Written by from Jackson Heights

    this package still has a "folding" power plug for the power supply
    easier to pack - i used this package this summer in 3 countries in europe with great success --

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    This is a bargain!! High quality too with a solid warranty.

    • Written by from Carmichael

    I don't get all the reviewers saying this is expensive. Yes, Apple accessories can be pricey, but the mini-USB adapter than comes with the iPhone is $29, and the USB cable that also comes with the iPhone and iPods is $19. You get a beefier (but still compact) USB charger, AND another cable, so even without the international adapters, you are saving $10. I have the CandyShell case for the iPhone 4 (which I LOVE - great protection but not too big), but it ONLY takes the Apple cable for charging/syncing, and I like having a cable in the car, and one in the house. My wife has an iPod Touch, with NO charger, so the extra charger is welcome even when we are not out of the country. So if you're saving even before you exit the country, just going to one country is a huge savings.

    Plus, the adapters can be used on my MacBook Pro charger (or just about any Aple laptop charger made in the last 10 years). And from what others have written, the Korea adapter can be used in Europe, so if that is true, you can use one plug on the laptop charger, while using the other on the included USB charger, and charge your laptop and iPhone without having to have the laptop on all night.

    Finally, MANY generic usb chargers out there do not have enough juice to charge an iPod or an iPhone. And many generic charging cables won't fit through cases like my Candyshell. Plus, normally none of the generic chargers, adapters or cables come with a full one-year warranty. Often there is NO warranty.

    Rather than spend $29 on an extra USB charger, for only $10 more you get an extra cable, plus everything you need for travel.

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    • Written by from ROCHESTER

    So far I've been in Europe, the UK, Russia, the UAE, and India with the adapter kit. It is fantastic.

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    Excellent product

    • Written by from Upton

    i purchased this set in 2009 for a trip to Europe. It worked perfectly and easily at keeping my MacBook charged in England. It was easy to connect my iPod to the MacBook to keep it charged, too. Then in 2010, I found myself in England and in the Netherlands - I never expected to need a different adapter, but when I needed it, it was there. A very good thing! :)

    It was really good to know that when I used the adapter set, I didn't need to worry about whether or not it would work or that it might damage my computer. It took the worry out of plugging in my Apple stuff!

    My husband is lucky enough to need it in July on his trip to France - you just never know when you'll need that adapter piece that you thought was just extra. :)

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    Central Europe, Thin vs. Thick Round Pins

    • Written by from Grantham

    In Switzerland... only the thin-round-pin adapter works. The thick-round-pin adapter does NOT work here, contrary to suggestions in other postings on this site.

    If traveling to Europe, make sure you bring the adapter with two thin round pins.

    Oh, the kit itself is great.

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    Very well made, but consider alternatives

    • Written by from Richmond

    This is a very good product. However, it only works for Apple products for which it is designed and if you use it for the laptop adapter, you give up the power cord between the power adapter and the wall...so you need to be closer to the outlet. Consider purchasing a simple plug adapter kit like the one Targus sells. The US plug just plugs into one end of each adapter and then you can plug it into the wall in each country. I had both with me and found the Targus adapter set worked for most US plugs on world power adapters.

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    Travel light and charge your gear from anywhere

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    I initially bought this kit to use the plugs with my MagSafe charger, but the inclusion of the USB charger and iPod cable make this 2009 edition of the Apple World Travel Kit better value than the previous ones (especially for iPod/iPhone owners). The charger is so small, and it can be used with other USB compatible devices like my smartphone (delivers 5V at 1A).
    Everything is so well designed and space efficient that I now feel ready and light enough to tour the world in confidence ;-)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Chadds Ford

    I used this set with my Macbook Pro charger this summer when I was traveling around Europe. Went to 7 different countries and was never without the proper adapter.

    Definitely worth the $40 to be covered for the entire trip.

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    LOVE THIS!!!

    • Written by from Keene

    My husband and I are living in China for the year and bought this for our travels. It has come in so handy!!! we love it!!

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