• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good battery

    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    I've had my macbook 13 in. white unibody since 2010, it still lasts about 2.5-3 hours, I've never had to change it, it says service battery but I don't plan on replacing it until it is absolutely necessary. I have about 77% life remaining and 600 cycles, pretty impressive I think. I do agree that you get the most out of your battery if you charge it and let it drain till below 5% before charging it up again and repeat.

    Also do charge it and drain to 0% the first time you use it.

    No complaints here.

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    5 Years Strong

    • Written by from Portland

    I purchased my Macbook in March of 2009 and five years later I'm still using the original battery. The condition does say "replace soon", but it went through 4 yrs of college with me- aka treated like garbage. Battery now only last about 1.5 hr compared to it's original 6ish but after 5 years, I'll take it. Highly recommend.

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    Love MacBook

    • Written by from Friendswood

    Ok not sure why people are giving a 1 star...well actually READING their reviews I know why. It's USER error!!! Do you really thing a battery will stay charged 24/7/365 without plugging it in to FULLY charge that makes me LOL. Anyway I have had my MacBook 13" since 2008. That for those that cannot count is 6 years and guess what...my battery JUST NOW DIED!!! Ordered a replacement that should be at my house today. I must say I am very happy with all my Apple products and maybe those giving 1 star or 2 star should read instructions on how to care for you mac. BTW that is just MY observation ;)

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    MacBook 13" Battery

    • Written by from Summerville

    I purchased my MacBook in 2007 and this is the first time I have had to replace the battery! I use my MacBook every day and love it!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from London

    I have the 2008, White Macbook!

    My battery has lasted 6 years! Reading reviews online, I reckon this has lasted so long because I would let my battery run to 5% then charge it each time. I am very happy with my new battery....so far! My Macbook still works like the day I brought it and that's why I love Apple products, they last!

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    A good experience....

    • Written by from London

    I have to say i have three MacBooks..... the one from 2009 has a battery that is still working fine... I have nothing but a good experience i have to say.

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    5 years, not too shabby!!

    • Written by from Spring valley

    I got my MacBook five years ago. I knew nothing (until today when I ordered a new battery) about the full charge-full drain for the battery in order to achieve optimal performance, and life of the battery. I plug it in when it get's below 5%, and unplug it when it's fully charged. I have five years of heavy wear on my MacBook, and this is the first "issue" I've had thus far. I am beyond pleased with the performance, and long life of my original battery, and looking forward to getting another 5+ years out of my new one!!

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    Long life!

    • Written by from Peru

    I bought my Macbook in 2008 and am now just needing a new battery. It held great charge up until a few days ago when I was alerted to change it. Many people have complained about the supposed short life of these batteries, but if you dont know how to properly cycle a battery from Apple, it's your own fault. Charge to 100% then drain to about 5% before plugging it back in. Also, looking at the care instructions can help too. These products are great if you know how to use them.

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    7 years, 1,133 cycles.

    • Written by from Oak Ridge

    I've had my macbook since late 2006, the battery has over 1,000 cycles, and it just recently died in the spring. I wish it didn't cost $130 to replace the battery, but you really can't beat a battery that lasts for 7 years.

    Like anyone will tell you, batteries in wireless devices should be fully charged, then fully drained to get maximum performance. If you can do that, these batteries will last without a doubt.

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    • Written by from York

    Macbook and battery are now 5.5 years old and still going strong in comparison to other makes of computer I've had before and since. Battery now down to 335 cycles out of the original 1050 but this includes some serious plugging-and-unplugging abuse when I lent the computer to someone else. Still runs for about 2hrs when unplugged, but dies without warning at about 14% charge. Consequently thinking about replacing it but in no hurry. A quality piece of kit, Apple.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Sowerby Bridge

    Battery is 66 months old, on it's 1050 cycle count and still lasts 2 and a half hours after charging. Others may not be happy but I'm well impressed.

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    Macbook early 2008 edition (white) 1336 Cycles!

    • Written by from Bridgewater

    Most people don't know how to diagnose a computer over the years and take care of it. However, I still understand that internal errors occur with no fault to the user. My computer is currently 62 months old and still holds an 88 percent charge. (Thats 4426 mAh compared to the design capacity of 5020 mAh). It's been through 1336 cycles and counting. At this point I feel like it will last forever, but I know that's not true. I came here to say I will be buying a new macbook soon and I hope I can mirror these results. Hopefully I didn't just get lucky and these batteries can really last over half a decade as mine did the first time.

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    A fine battery

    • Written by from Chicago

    I bought a refurbished Early 2008 Macbook direct from Apple in March 2009 and have been using the same original battery since then! 410 charge cycles and it's still functioning quite well.

    To the folks who are complaining in a _comments section_ about swelled batteries and poor experiences, should call Applecare immediately. Walk any swelled battery into an Apple store and most likely you'll get a replacement! Complaining here in this venue shows you'd rather complain then have the issue rectified by Apple.

    I bought a 3rd party version of this battery for friend's Macbook and there are a number of downsides (you might save some $ but it's not worth it):
    They don't fit properly (you might have to take an exacto to shave off plastic to get it to fit with the twist-lock in place!)
    They are light: obviously not taking advantage of the full enclosure
    Parts inside rattle: poor built quality, letting parts inside rattle around

    So the Apple 13-inch Macbook battery is solidly built and functions very well. Enough with the haters! Buy Apple Genuine!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    expensive but worked great.

    • Written by from Vancouver

    This battery lasted 6 and a half years before it finally stopped holding a charge. I just dont understand why it's $30 more than the battery for the aluminium MacBook Pro.

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    Impressive battery

    • Written by from Washington

    After 1,667 battery cycles (and 5 1/2 years), my 13in. MacBook battery is finally dead. It took me through 3 years of law school, an entire keyboard (which had to be replaced because all the keys rubbed off), the Bar Exam, wedding planning, and 3 different jobs. A hard-working battery, if you ask me! Until just a few days ago, I could get about 3 to 4 hours out of one charge. Not too shabby. I only wish the mag-safe chargers lasted as long (I've had about 8 of those)!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    4 yrs later and I'm finally replacing the battery

    • Written by from Bend

    I had no idea what was wrong with my macbook and the mouse pad button. I did some research...It was suggested that the problem was caused by a bulging battery. I took off the shell cover I had on the computer and sure enough, bulging battery!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing battery

    • Written by from Oxford

    As others said, this is a battery that will serve you well if you simply use it as you're supposed to.

    From the first day I got the battery, I charged it fully, let it get down to 15 or 20 percent and then charged it again. My computer is 55 months old, and the battery has had 1000 charge cycles and I still get 2.5 hours out of a charge. The battery health is at 82 percent. There's really nothing else to say.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    MacBook Battery Life

    • Written by from Sallins

    My battery has lasted 859 (Cycle Counts) and I have had it for 5-6 years. A credit to Apple considering it is only supposed to last on average 300 cycles. So now I am off to buy a new battery.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent battery, unless you get the old swollen one.

    • Written by from Billingham

    My battery from my 2008 Macbook White has just started saying "Condition: Replace Soon" which means it is holding less charge than it originally did. It still lasts nearly two hours and has taken 1624 cycles at the time of writing. I would hazard a guess that most of the people complaining that it is a year old and dies within 5 minutes are people who have constantly left the power cable in, which is NOT the way to treat a battery. Learn how to take care of Li-On batteries and they'll last for a very long time.

    Finally, people saying Apple should incorporate their "new 7 hour battery technology" into these older models, it's not a new technology, it's just removing all of the casing and removing the ability to take out the battery yourself to create more physical space for cells.

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    I don't know what the fuss is all about

    • Written by

    People here are upset that their $130 battery doesn't work. It's not the battery that doesn't work, its the user. ALL Apple batteries inside ALL of their products require great care. Apple's Li-Ion batteries need to be charged to full cycle, and then drained all the way down to ≤ 5%. Only then do you get excellent performance. I've had my MacBook since August 24, 2007 and as of February 18, 2012, not only is the computer still doing pretty well for it's age, but is holding at an excellent 74% battery health after 1264 charge cycles. Apple says this battery is only supposed to last ~300 cycles under normal usage. You need to understand to use this battery ABNORMALLY. You need to buy it and charge it for a full 24 hours the first time you install it, drain it to 0%, charge it to 100% again, and then use it. Only charge the battery when the message appears. Don't listen to the other morons on this review page that complain about Apple's battery not working. Apple's products always work.

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