Will this kit work in South Africa?

From what I can gather, South Africa has some plugs that are similar to India's and some that are type M, something unique to Southern Africa. Anyone been to South Africa and tried this out?

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    So, actually, after spending seven months in South Africa, I can now answer my own question. And the answer is actually no. South Africa uses a plug unique to Southern Africa that is incompatible with any of the plugs sold in the World Travel Adapter Kit. You need to buy an additional plug adapter or, alternatively, you can purchase a plug adapter from Apple in South Africa that will plug right into your AC adapter.

  • I am currently in South Africa on vacation and bought the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit yesterday, and it is charging perfectly as I type this. You will need to use the slightly larger two prong plug that is rounded and not flat. Before purchasing I got them to test it out for me [with my machine] at the local Apple store here in SA. Hope this helps you :) I'm a very happy customer!

  • Do you have any advice on anywhere to get adapters before I go? I am going for two weeks (in two weeks) and I need adapters for my tools (I'm a hair stylist) and for my apple products. I have been searching the internet for months and am no closer to an answer.