Will the fitbit one work with my iPad 2?

Fitbit One™ Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One™ Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker

Product No Longer Available

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    It will only sync with Bluetooth 4 devices, iPad 3 & 4, iPad mini and iPhone 4S & 5
    You can also use the supplied dongle for computer.
    You can see your progress on iPad 2 on the app but won't be able to sync.

  • Fitbit one requires a device with Bluetooth 4.0 to sync with. The Fitbit app will work on the ipad 2 and will download the information that is uploaded to the fitbit dashboard online. The fitbit one can sync either with a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 iOS device such as the "New Ipad' or iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, or by using the Bluetooth 4.0 dongle included in the kit.

  • I have not been able to connect it to the iPad 2. It works intermittently with my iPad 3 and iPhone 5. the only reliable connection I have fond so far is the wireless USB dongle on the computer...

  • will my ipad 2 work with my fitbit. yes

  • Fitbit synced with iPad two weeks ago but stopped> Unable to resync. The IPad bluetooth is sending signal to Fitbit?