Will my IPAD2 purchased in the USA require a electric current converter if used in India? If the answer is "No, not necessary" please explain

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    You do not need a current convertor as the 10W USB Power Adapter that is included with the iPad (1 and 2) will accept 100-240 volts.

    You will however need a plug adapter to be able to plug the North American plug into the Indian style power socket.

  • I am not an expert; I have traveled around the world in the military though. Most common electronic devices made in the last 5 yrs are designed to accept 110 or 220 power without any type of transformer (the box/manual will give you this info). The only question that I would ensure I knew the answer to when traveling before I plug something in..."is this something other than 110/220?" I hope this helps...