wil this Motorola S305 work w/ MacBookPro [is it same answer as below for MacBook Air] ? Just want a good head set to go wireless to my MacBookPro.

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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    It does not work with the macbook air.

  • I solved it!
    To start you must clear the paired devices listed in your headphones.
    Press and hold (Play/Pause) and the (decrease volume) button for about 8 sec. The headphones are turned off upon clearing the list.

    Next Pair & Connect (headphones to MacBook)
    1) Turn off any device previously paired with your headphones.
    2) Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your MacBook
    3) Turn on your Headphones by pressing and holding the (power) button until the indicator light turns green. The indicator light Flashes in red and green to indicate the headphones are in discoverable mode.
    4) Set your Macbook to search for bluetooth devices
    5) Select Motorola S305 from the search results.
    6) Select OK
    7) If prompted, enter 0000 for the passkey [I was not prompted for this]

    The indicator light rapidly flashes green 3 times every 3 sec when complete. This indicates the device is paired for calls only.

    Try again
    If it flashes Once every 3 sec = paired for calls and music
    if it flashes twice every 3 sec = paired for music only
    if it flashes 4 times every 3 sec = it could not pair

    To finish go into System Preferences > Sounds
    Output = Motorola S305 Stereo [this option worked using the non stereo choice did not]
    Input = Motorola S305 [was the only option]

    The computer will now use the headphones speakers and mic. I used it with several Voip to include Google Video Chat, Oovoo, TeamSpeak, and a few others. Beware when starting programs that have preselected to use the built in audio device and not default (using what you set in the system preference. When I started a video game that had the build in audio device selected it caused the headphone's speakers and mic to stop working. My solution to this telling the video game to either use hdmi (audio out), the Motorola S305, or default (don't let any app/program use built-in audio). Then restarting my computer.

    I did not test the pause/play or skip track.

    Good Luck

  • I got mine to pair with my macbook pro no problems. The sound playback works and play, forward, and back buttons work with itunes. Can't get the microphone to work at all (only been playing around with it for a few minutes), but i suppose thats not such a big deal as if you're getting to the range where your macbook pro mic can't hear you then the bluetooth signal is probably getting too weak anyways.