If I get new headphones with the warranty, does my warranty expire?

Okay, so I was wondering if I could purchase these headphones and have a warranty that would last the entire year, even if I trade these headphones in again. What I mean by this is that, if I by my first set of headphones and the warranty, and then 3 months later they break so I trade them in for a new one. If they were to break again, could I still get new ones? Or does the warranty only cover one break?

  • Asked by Nahid H from Mountlake Terrace
  • 14/03/2012
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    You'll have 1 year warranty in any way. Meaning, if you are claiming one 3 months later, you'll have 9 months warranty for the new one. If you claim warranty again 2 more months later, you'll have 7 months warranty left.

    • Answered by Raihan R from Hughesdale
    • 5/10/2012