I am traveling to Amsterdam. Will this work with their 220v to charge my Macbook Pro? I understand they use the round, two prong outlet there.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    I am currently living in Argentina where the power is 220v as well, and most (1) computers (including the Macbook Pro) work fine with 220v. Your Macbook Pro will work just fine with 220v.

    (1) It is always best to at least check to be sure, but I believe all computers work fine with 220v. (But don't take this as a gaurantee.) With respect to the Macbook Pro, a friend of mine uses one everyday plugged into 220v.

  • Yes, your MacBook Pro will work just fine with its original MagSafe power adapter which is rated for 100-240V (~15A, 50-60Hz). As long as you can find the correct adapter from this travel kit, replace the two prong plug on the original MagSafe power adapter with the 3 prong plug (2 prong with 1 ground) and you can now charge your MacBook Pro.