Can you use it in Europe on a other computer too???


I'm Jessie and I'm from the Netherlands, and I love this product and I want to buy it.
But my big question is if I can use it in Europe.
Because I want to use it in America and in Europe, if anyone knows just a little bit I'm allready pleased with that information.
And why did you choose this product????

Thanks everybody!


Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    Hi Jessie

    the power adapters that are sold by apple (and most other companies) are listed as 120-240 volt devices, 50-60 cycle AC (or there about) so they can be used in EU, USA, UK, ASIA, etc. It is very rare these days to find chargers that aren't multivoltage input. All of them will have the input written on them (al be it maybe in VERRRRY small letters...)

    The main only difference is on the plug into the electric end adapter you have (for me in USA, it is always the two parallel flat prongs) and the adapter that you'll need for each country. To clarify, by this I mean the two round prong adapter for EU, the three kind of square prongs for UK, the two parallel flat prongs for USA etc

    as long as you have these adapters (either thru apple which sells a kit that has the adapters that REPLACE your existing one on their charger OR thru some third party vender that you then plug your original apapter into.

    the apple one has the advantage of replacing your current one from another country and no need to think about it. the third party adapters have the advantage of being able to be used for other device chargers such as your phone charger or camera battery charger for instance.

    One thing I do if I need to plug a number of items in is not only carry a third party travel adapter to my own country devices, BUT I also carry a standard three prong power tap from my home country to be able to plug in three home country devices into one adapter.

    these three prong taps (available at hardware stores etc) are also useful in my home country for instance at an airport when I need to charge my phone, AND all the available outlets are being used by other travelers, nobody usually minds if you unplug them for a moment, put in the three outlet tap, replug them in and have two extra outlets for me

    By the way, I understand that the apple chargers for mac are ONLY sold by apple, due to the patented mag safe connection so that is why I choose that product.

  • Yes, if I am understanding your question correctly. You can use it with any Mac, and it should work in any country.

  • yes