Can Airport Extreme extend the range of a Time Capsule?

I have a Time Capsule connected to my DSL modem. My WiFi is already extended with an Airport Express. I would like to add an Airport Extreme to extend to a different part of the house and also because i need 2 or 3 wired internet connections there. Will this work and is it necessary to turn off router functions in the Airport Extreme if the TC is already my router?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    I am preparing to do the same thing as you. I already have Time Capsule, and Airport Express, and will be purchasing an Airport Extreme for a different part of the house for hard-wire connections.

    From what I understand, any of these devices can act as the primary router, and any of these devices can extend that range. By default, all of them are configured to be the primary router (if you change nothing), but if you plug it into your existing router (for initial setup purposes), and turn on your Mac, it will automatically walk you through the steps. I think the first question it asks if you want to extend your existing network. Once you select Yes, it does the rest for you, and you can safely unplug it and move it to its new location where it will extend your network.