Does the retina display mac have a disc drive already installed or do I have to buy a Super Drive to play discs?

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    The retina display mac does NOT have a Super Drive built-in. You can either share a drive from an existing iMac or you will need a USB Super Drive to play discs.

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  • The new MacBook Pro Retina display does not have a built in super drive; therefore, you would need to purchase one unless you will only need to use DVD/CD when you are near another computer with a super drive. If this is the case then you can access your DVD/CD wirelessly. I recommend the super drive though, it has worked great for me.

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  • The MacBook Pro with Retina Display does not have an optical drive. So if you need to play discs you will need to get the Super Drive.

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  • A MacBook Pro with retina display does not have a disk drive you must buy the super drive.

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  • Currently only the MacBook Pro & MacPro currently have an internal DVD/CD read/write drive. iMac or MacBook Air do not currently come with a CD/DVD reader/writer. I would not suggest this drive, however, mine died within 4 months and under very limited use (I only watched maybe 2 movies and burned less than 6 discs before it stopped working all together)

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  • No, unfortunately it does not have a disc drive installed.

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  • I have the 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display and it does not have a disc drive. I had to purchase the USB Superdrive and I absolutely love it. It's worth the money without a doubt.

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  • no the macbook with retina display doesent have one thats what makes it thin and lighter

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  • YOU have to buy one.

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  • No it dosent because they are trying to make it weigh less and because it has a lot of ports on the side.

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