What's the difference between an iPhone 5 S and an iPhone 5 C?


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    iPhone 5s has a fingerprint home button, that can take your finger print and also it has the duel flash. The iPhone 5c comes in 5 colours, i think and it does not have the fingerprint home button and not the duel flash.

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  • The iPhone 5S has a faster processor than the 5C. The 5S sports an Apple A7 processor, while the heart of the 5C is a 1Ghz Apple A6. The A7 is a newer, more powerful model than the A6, particularly because it's a 64-bit chip (the first in a smartphone, according to Apple). Because it's 64-bit, the A7 can process twice as much data at the same time as the 32-bit A6. Processor speed isn't as big a factor in smartphones as it is in computers (there are many other things that affect overall performance as much, if not more), and the A6 is very fast (it's the same processor as in the iPhone 5), but the A7 in the iPhone 5S will make that model a bit speedier than the 5C.

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  • the differences are that the 5c has an A6 chip in it and the 5s has an A7 chip with 64-bit graphics.

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  • The iPhone 5s has fingerprint ID and also a tri tone flash. A tri tone flash is a flag in which when you take a picture the iphone shines the perfect color of light to make the picture look perfect. The iPhone 5c has a plastic back. The two have airdrop, retina display(meaning you can't see pixels), siri, and more stuff.

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  • Viewed from the front, the iPhone 5S does not have a white box icon on the main button like the one on the other two - even that has existed since the first generation iPhone! The buttons on the 5S now plain and features a touch fingerprint sensor ID. Yep, we can access the iPhone 5S with key fingerprint. Not just any lock screen, Touch ID is used as the Apple ID verification (AppStore and iTunes).As said earlier, this phone has a spacious third the same screen even specifications are also identical: a 4-inch multi-touch; IPS LED-backlit; resolution of 1136 × 640; density of 326 ppi; the retina display.Looking around the physical, the more obvious differences. iPhone 5 and 5S have the exact same housing but now the iPhone 5S has 2 recent color choices are gold (gold) and the Space Gray (dark gray) while the black color variant (like the iPhone 5) is no longer there and the color white (silver bright ) will be retained. On the other hand, the iPhone 5C has a completely new design, memorable "candy." Housing iPhone 5C bermaterial plastic and thicker, and has a choice of 5 different colors: green, blue, yellow, pink and white.
    In addition to thicker, iPhone 5C also heavier than both other iPhone. 5C has extra weight to 0.8ons (20 grams). Besides these differences there are also similarities that all the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S have placement volume buttons, silent switch, speaker, mic, lightning connector and 3.5mm audio jack are still the same.
    The Difference Engine - the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S.iPhone 5 and 5C powered by the same engine innards exactly the 1.3 GHz dual core processor Apple A6 and 1 GB RAM. That is, the screen and the machine sector 5 and 5C have the exact same abilities, just 5C now comes in a choice of colors candy. Although the design is exactly the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S has a completely new engine innards. iPhone 5S is the first phone that has a 64-bit processor architecture, called the Apple A7 and M7 is equipped with

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  • The 5s comes in gold silver and grey.The 5c comes in white pink yellow blue and green. The 5s has the A7 chip M7 motion coprocessor. The 5c has the A6 chip. They have the same carriers Verizon, AT'T, Sprint, also T Moblie but T moblie cost more. The 5s has a fingerprint idenity scanner. the 5s also has slow motion video

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  • Is that there is the iSight camera to take slo mo videos and burst then Touch ID so you can unlock you're phone and buy apps from the App Store then there is the chip the iPhone 5c has an a6 chip inside 5s has a7 chip. The 5c does not have doble flash slow mo and burst or Touch ID if I were you I'll pick the 5s.

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  • Perhaps the most immediately noticeable difference is that the iPhone 5s does not have a rounded square icon on the home button like the other two devices. Instead, it has a icon-free and less concave button with an embedded "Touch ID" fingerprint sensor. Consequently, the iPhone 5s can be configured with biometric identification rather than just a passcode.

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