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    Formerly great product ruined by poor redesign

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    I have been using my new Logitech iPad Air 2 ultrathin keyboard for just over a month now and it is, I'm sorry to say, far inferior to the previous version of this product that I had (for my 4th generation iPad. The main problems with this product are:

    - it has no rechargable battery - the previous model never went flat - I would plug it into a USB port whenever I remembered (usually every couple of months). In contrast, the two CR2032 batteries in the new version went flat after 3 weeks, with less than 1/2 an hour of daily use (as against the two year life claimed by Logitech on their website, based on an average of 2 hours daily use). This means around 5 dollars a month in replacement batteries, along with the nagging fear that the batteries will die just when you most need the keyboard.

    - it has a sharp, protruding hinge at the rear of the cover (the animated gif on the Logitech product page shows a much smaller and differently shaped hinge - do not trust this misleading image which does not represent the actual product - the actual product images here on the Apple Store listing and on the Logitech website have been carefully selected to disguise this design flaw)

    - poor coupling action between the iPad and the keyboard cover (with a weak magnet and fiddly placement required to achieve connection) - you are almost guaranteed to accidentally drop your iPad at some poin andt when using this product. I have already come very close to doing so several times in the few weeks. The previous version of this product had a much stronger magnet and simple coupling which felt safe and secure.

    All in all, a previously great product has been ruined by a poor redesign.

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