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    philips inrange

    • Written by from CastleTroy

    Piece of junk. I am unable to get this to pair with iphone 4s or iphone 5 or ipad (new). If only the receipt hadn't been lost I would return the thing. I didn't buy it from the apple store so no issue with apple here. I tested the bluetooth on all of my devices and no problems there.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Piece of JUNK

    • Written by from Pensacola

    Do NOT buy this. It's horrible. It takes several tries to sync initially with your iPhone. And if you turn it off, you have to go through the sync process again as it forgets about the previous sync. The range system (close vs far) wildly fluctuates from one moment to the next in deciding if you're in range or not. Guess I'll give the other product a try at twice the cost.

    Again, don't buy this one. Philips is junk.

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    Worthless and useless

    • Written by from Ljubljana

    Bought this at Apple Store in Barcelona. Immediately I knew I made a mistake when I discovered this product does not support GPS, it is only working when in range, hence the name InRange.
    Once I accepted my mistake, I set it up. It started beeping randomly throughout the day. Until I turned the alarm off on my device (iPhone 5). The next day I tried if it works at the office. It did not and I thought the batteries were dead. I replaced the battery and the application finally found the InRange key, but after the initial startup everything went dead. Now the device won't turn on and the iPhone will not connect to it. Nothing works. Reset the battery, still the same thing. So not worth it, especially its 50 EUR!!! If only I was still in Barcelona to return it.
    - A very disappointed customer

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    Limited applications

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    Due to the false alarms of this devise and the inability to have the key fob on 'vibrate' this item is going back to the Apple store before I get stuck with a devise that I can not use in lectures or meetings. It is not acceptable that every time iOS shuts down the app on my phone the fob starts beeping as if the phone and Phillips unit have been separated. I have tried to communicate with Phillips in regard to extending the warranty and return policy of this item in hopes that they will soon correct this flaw. It looks as though I will have to spend the extra $30 and try the HipKey product in its place. I have also looked into the 'CobraTag Sensor' and reviews/complaints are similar to that of the Phillips leash. Creating 'safe zones' does not prevent the fob from sending off a 'false alarm'. The HipKey unit claims to be able to minimize false alarms or unprofessional alarms during lectures or meetings with these 'safe zones'. Time will tell.

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    Nice idea, poor implementation

    • Written by from Wahroonga

    Due to its using BT technology, if the signal is interrupted even only briefly, the alarm will go off.

    I tried it for several days, but luckily Apple is very good about returning products.

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    • Written by from Warrandyte

    Despite claims from Philips, these devices (sadly I bought two of them) do not connect to an iPhone 4S, ipad 3 or an IPad Mini. Apart from the fact that I can't tell you how badly they work, I now have $130 worth of useless luggage tags. I guess I'll scratch my name into these ghastly little devices...

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    terrible product, immature!!! DON'T BUY!!!

    • Written by from Dedham

    1/ At the beginning, I paired 5 times before my iPhone 5 finally found the leash (my iPhone 4S refused to find it literally).
    2/ The actual range is much shorter than what Philips announces in the product spec, and my iPhone starts to ring a false alarm even when the leach is WITHIN the range and the bluetooth connection remains well established!
    3/ Some times inRange app tells me that my iPhone has a problem with the bluetooth pairing with the leash and asks me to do delete the existing pairing and do a new paring again, while the iPhone and the leash are perfectly connected together...
    4/ When the iPhone and the leash are out of the range and set off to ring, I bring my iPhone back within the range, 50% of times, the bluetooth connection can't get reestablished automatically, and I have to do the paring again from the bluetooth setup of my iPhone.
    5/ In the inRange app, there's no zone setting feature described in the pdf user's manual one can find online.
    6/ I'm going to return back the 2 other leashes I bought and keep only one that I opened (I trusted too easily Philips beautiful publicity), this product is far from mature enough to put into market!

    DON'T BUY!!!

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