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    Audiophile Review

    • Written by from Urbana

    All right, so I'm an Audiophile, I admit it. I listen to music nearly every minute of the day. I was set on getting the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker, however, I just didn't like the bass output. I looked around awhile and stumbled across the UE BoomBox. This thing has bass, for sure, but it can be too much at times. I'm going to download EQu, heard that helps. Anyway, it's a quality speaker, but it does lack sharpness. I'm going to keep testing it out, I feel IT IS worth the money so far. IT'S BETTER THAN THE BOSE SOUNDLINK, if that's what you're wondering. One thing that I don't like is it doesn't put out the same amount of sound from both sides, like it appears, you have to face it towards you. Buy it if you're on the fence, I did, and I'm content with it.

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    great product

    • Written by from laval

    as good as the Bose without inflated price tag.

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    Excellent sound

    • Written by from San Jose

    I love the sound of this, wish there was a way to adjust bass/treble, if anything it may have a bit too much bass. But it sounds great. Haven't yet tested battery life (recharging now) or distance it will connect. But works on iPhone and the newest iPod Nano which has bluetooth, that was an unexpected pleasure.

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