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    Failure to adapt

    • Written by from Levittown

    I love Apple products. I am a constant and vocal proponent to friends and family alike. However, glaring errors in product design as with this simple, yet costly, solution to the adapter change is unacceptable. I bought two adapters to accompany my two phones, for my multitude of car and wall chargers. But, apparently I have run afoul of an unwritten Apple directive? Thou shalt not cover thy phone! The adapter, most likely, won't fit your phone when cased.

    Do yourself a favor and check out the product at an Apple store first. As for me? I'll keep the faith and return these disappointing solutions to my adaptation problem. I will remain an Apple fan until they prove themselves unworthy. There is no shortage of other platforms and products. Please Apple, don't turn into the designers I abandoned for your superior machines.

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    No good if you have a case

    • Written by from O FALLON

    Like the other reviews, if you have any case on your phone (including a bumper) this will not work.

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    Will Not Work if iPhone 5 is in a case

    • Written by from tulsa

    I ordered this adapter to use in with the hard-wired 30-pin cord in my truck. My iPod Nano is a 30 pin, but, as you know, the iPhone 5 is an 8-pin connecter. A perfect solution IF your iPhone 5 does not have a case. If your phone is in a case, the 8-pin connecter will not stay connected. Period.

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    Piece of junk!

    • Written by from winfield

    I had to cut up my protective case to get the adapter to connect! Why doesn't Apple sell the actual cord that comes with the phone? You guys have to know a lot of people are putting protective cases on their phones and yet you sell a product that as wide as the old connector! Why bother changing the type of connector at all if your not going to make the adapters at least taper so it will be similar in size to the connector/USB cord that comes with the phone! Love the iPhone 5 but this really annoys me! Wise up and start selling the cords like the one that comes with the phone as an accessory!

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    Will not work if your iPhone 5 has any kind of cover

    • Written by from Long Beach

    The length of the lightning adapter is too short if you have any kind of cover with your iPhone 5. I have an Apple-like bumper cover (similar to iPhone 4/4S) and the metal contact on the adapter is WAY TOO short. I suggest getting the Lighting to 30-pin Adapter Cable instead. The cable has a thin longer Lightning connection that will work with most iPhone 5 covers.

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    Surely this could have been 1/3rd the size

    • Written by from The Hill

    I can just imagine the new iPhone 5 with this adaptor attached sitting in my car phone holder - sticking out the top precariously... Surely Apple with all your engineers you could have made this shorter?

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